Especial Donation

someone to explain to me why some members of my alliance have the option of making special donations with gems and others not?

If u update the Alliance Hall of Uranus up to lvl 9 u can donate more than 5M Gold with 750 Gems… as u can see in the pic.

The ones who cannot need to purchase for real money (gems or donations) once to unlock this option to donate with gems.

and is there any minimum amount that you should buy with real money or make any purchase even one or two dollars?

It should be all but SoulDrinker told me yesterday that purchasing the one or two euros packages or donations didn’t enable it.

To be confirmed by @CaptainMorgan I think.

This should work with all purchases, however, it seems SoulDrinker is correct and we will fix this as soon as we can. At the moment, the cheapest purchases which activate this are the second Gem pack from the Shop (500 Gems), or the Daily Gem Chest in the Daily Gifts menu.

Thanks captian Morgan


I think this is a little senseless.

This is done to prevent exploiting; as we give out a lot of Gems near the beginning of the game it would be possible for Alliances to use new accounts to fund themselves. This is taken from past experience with other games.