Ester ring vs omega ring

Hello, i need an advice about which ring to get. I’m lvl 106

omega ring damage is 40,6% = 946 Blunt damage

ester ring damage is 49% = 1274 Normal damage

The second perk doesn’t matter because i’m planning to remove it to get the luck perk


Attack wise probably the omega, but i would like to read your advices.



omega ring for me is better

especially if you want to make raids for COF, this is your best bet

I did not specifically compare them, but I enjoyed both and good impressions of omega ring remained

I suggest Easter Egg Aura Ring. Because, you will be able to do a good amount of ranged damage from it. You can kill multiple troops at a time, like knights and archers very easily. I have it and I think, it is the best I have. It gave a boost to my offense.

Shouldn’t be the same for omega ring? I mean, the damage is supposed to be aura damage


thank you :slight_smile:  

You must have not read it clearly. It does that damage per second. Means, if you stood in front of a tower, it will automatically do its damage. Even if you stood in front of a ranged tower, it will do a nice damage. Its aura is spread in a long range, so recommend this.

Ok sorry, than i don’t get it. :slight_smile:  Both has aura, probably same range. Both deal damage to all targets in range. The only difference is the damage and kind of damage. 

So, thinking that i will remove the second perk to put the luck, why ester ring, with normal damage, should be better than omega, which is blunt and all structures are vulnerable to blunt?

thanks :slight_smile:  

I suggest you to go for none of them, go for vampire or chloris ring with heal perk and forge heal stat up. It cancels all lasting damage, so it will be a great help. Not only for now, also for later.

Heal ring or kickback aura rings are the ones that others use. There are exceptions, but majority uses those two.

@Dena4 I thought he chooses a lucky raid ring (500 trophies)

i’m sorry, i don’t know what you are talking about :slight_smile:

thanks, i’ll think about it :slight_smile:  

Why do you need Perk luck on it and be used as a main ring ? xD


xD to have a better chance to get things at the end of the battle :wink:

For now it’s something like a “farming ring”, which i will use with all my other luck items. I’m not worried about “endgame set” for now, i will think about it from lvl 125, if i reach that point.

Now i just want to know, as aura, if it is an aura, which one could be better between blunt or normal, thinking that blunt start from a little less, as said before: 946 blunt vs 1274 normal.

That’s all :slight_smile:  

strange, but thanks for the reply.

then i join denа4.

Heal ring or kickback aura best rings


ok, but between 946 blunt and1274 normal which one would be better? Blunt, right?

It looks like you’re not focused on getting your endgame set yet. That’s good thinking, you would benefit if you wait until you’re at lvl110/115.

However, I must advise you to make one exception: buy a pro heal aura ring (Chloris) now. It is by far the best ring in the game and it takes quite a few forges to get it to 120% heal aura. So, the sooner you start, the sooner you will get there.

Unless you’re really really fast at leveling up (we’re talking 2-3 levels a week), it’s just not worth it to wait any longer before buying it. Get it now at lvl106 and forge the healing aura non stop.

Wait for level 110, I think that’s when you get max level 130 gear, buy a chloris ring (heal aura) as you need to forge a lot (28 forges I did for 123% heal aura forges cost 500 pearls, so if your forge fails the first time you have to spend 500 more so 1000 pearls per forge after the first few times).

Comparing Omega Ring with the Easter Spirit ring, I prefer Omega ring, the sonic blast aura is helpful against spikes (other spells do less damage), its good to an extent against blockades and barricades and towers (especially when the tower has low health just staying/passing by it destroys the tower), plus its a pro ring so it gives you a tiny bit of luck, xp, gold etc. It can be used to do damage to troops across lane a bit. Before I got the heal ring, I used omega ring a lot, as at that time I used sonic blast spell a lot. I melted the Easter ring after a few tries dont know why, may be I didn’t understand to use it well.


Easter egg needs to ge forged quite some times to become effective, while omega ring already works well immediately.

If you try to get another perk on a chloris (heal) ring and accidentally find a skull perk, keep it! It cost me and others a lot of attempts to turn it into skull gear. Better buy another one that you try to convert into luck perk. Good luck.

Thank you, that exactly what i was trying to eplain :slight_smile:  I don’t buy gems, so i’m building a good set for farming and exp, that’s why i feel the need of an aura ring: often i don’t have enough damage during my raids, aura help A LOT. Yes, for now luck it’s a must but, once i’ll be 130 or when i will not need anymore, if that time come, i will melt it.


This is part of my plan: my perl input is not so high (300% perl conversion) so i prefer to wait, to get as many “free” forge as possible. Anyway i’m not in hurry. Thanks for other info too :slight_smile:  


I was thinking what which could be a good endgame perk and yes, skull look pretty good (i mean, i think that when everything is maxed you don’t do much more than wars, don’t really see the points on doing normal attacks). I will take skull in consideration :slight_smile:  

Thank you :slight_smile:  

Skull perk is difficult to find (6%, but you only seldom get it) , so focus on more targets, like xp, luck, or whatever is possible there and you need. For me it was a long struggle to find the skull perk on that ring. Had every other perk at least 5 times, before I got the skull perk.

So if you find it, be glad, even when the percentage might be low. That is forgeable upwards, it’s just a matter of time. 

In the end I bought a new heal ring and found it on that one. Now I am forging heal percentage up first, will then forge skull percentage up to the same percentage as my kickback ring with skull perk. 

The heal aura is stronger than any other aura or perk that a ring can have.

Even if you feel you would benefit from the damaged provided by the sonic blast aura (which might be better than the easter aura), it’s still not good enough compared to the heal aura. It’s not even close.

So my advice is to get the Chloris ring asap (today :wink: ) and resist the temptation to waste crystals on other rings. You will not regret it.

After diggin deep in the forum i came to this thread. As I already have the Chloris-Ring on about 130% I decided to give the Easter-Egg-Aura a try. Its really helpful against Skeletons and Archers. I have the Omega Ring also on 60% but I think the Easer-Egg is much better.