Even a Low level Alliance should try to be great right?

Hi everyone just trying to get some feedback from the community since I’m a big fan of many of your posts.

I recently started an alliance with some facebook friends. With the goal of having a quality place to develop Alts while main characters continue in the great alliances they’re in.

However, as alliance leader I recently opened the group to new members as well. I have a few mandatory rules that seem to bother these new members we don’t know.

  1. All members must go to the alliance leader board and choose a base layout used by a top 10 alliance member and copy it to their own base.

  2. All members need to be at the mandatory minimum 50k donation within a reasonable length of time.

3.All members engage in alliance chat by sharing tips,feedback,jokes,strategy,etc

  1. Be active during war season, improve your offense/defense any have fun playing the game. Were a team

Are these rules unreasonable? I’ve been getting feedback ranging from “Why should I upgrade the alliance tower?” to "Why do i have to change my base to look like these guys? I like my base the way it is.

I want this project to work and membership to grow but not at the cost of this alliance becoming a rest haven for lazy players and their weak pathetic bases. I wont have these few ruining wars for the entire team.

We are small and just starting but i hope to recruit many smart low level players who recently started a new alt and learned from the mistakes made on their main character. Strong donation power, stress free game play, fun low level wars, sneaky war tactics, trophy strength camouflage, alliance infiltration, you name it, we can try it.

But, with all the push back from clueless players should I just go back to apply and invite only? I’m thinking about it.

What do you all think?

Yes, rules #1 and #2 are a bit exaggerated. There’s no reason for a player to change his base by copying others just to join an alliance. And also, you can ask for a minimum amount of donation, but don’t ask to have that amount for some time as you can’t check if it’s true in the first place.

If they ask why should they upgrade their Alliance Tower, tell them that they have to help with gold so the alliance can grow and have boosts, but as I said, just ask for the amount but not for some time with it

  1. All members must go to the alliance leader board and choose a base layout used by a top 10 alliance member and copy it to their own base.

Remove this immediately, its ridiculous

Well you do make valid points and I respect and value your opinions. However, I’m not asking anyone to do something I haven’t done.

I was level 34 and 800’s trophy wise when I got sick and tired of players strolling through my path configs. like it was a day at the beach and doing their gold shopping in my base.

So I thought…what type of bases do the top players use? So I went to SK:United Alliance Found MailsonCastros base and tried to copy it on a small noob scale. Sure I was short on tiles and my best tower was fire…But what I ended up with was 100% better than what i started with.

Pretty soon people stopped trying to shop in my base. And no i didn’t have wolves or ogres an my alliance wasn’t boosting defenses. But i did have blasters and frosters and good palys and knights for my trophy bracket. And every time I lvled my gate I added a piece to the puzzle. Now with 27 tiles I have the path and all I do is upgrade towers for better ones, have friends test my path with different spell and troop combos and continue to grow

As far as the Alliance tower goes I think that’s just a smart personal investment a player is making in themselves. The higher donation strength you have the more valuable you are to ANY alliance not just mine. But to be in my circle of serious low level players you have to pull your own weight and bring something to the dinner table.

So no…The more I think about it the more I think I like the rules the way they are…We started out with enough people to do the alliance wars so we can keep the chosen few small for now we’ll see how we do with 10 good players with 10 decent bases. Success will get the troops to fall in line because were building an army… Not some rag tag group of misfit bases and sometimsey donors

We’ll go Slow and steady

i like that and thoroughly agree

And I respect your opinion, but by all means disagree that players no matter who they are, should be pushed into something especially their path design. Obviously donations are needed and turn out to be essential in the game when in an alliance. I saw someone that level 91 with 1k donations and thought “who would want you sponging off them”. But… That’s just me. Good luck with your alliance

Thank you so much Fresh…Maybe suggesting to a better layout instead of being rigid or inflexble is a more appropriate tactic. There should always be compromise among comrads, friends, and allies.

I do appreciate everyones thoughtful feedback.

Thats why I’m a big fan of the forum posters here.

The only rule we have in my alliance is number 4 and that is hard enough to enforce. Increasing donation amount comes down to whether someone can afford to spend real money in the game and I can’t force members to do that. Base layouts evolve as a player advances because of path length limits and wave/building upgrades which take a long time. Chat and jokes etc depend on individual personalities which I won’t force on anyone.

Participating in war season is the number one way that members contribute to the alliance success.

When you say this I feel that basically you asked our opinion for nothing as you won’t change anything anyways…


You did it? Fine, but that’s not a reason to make others do it too

And by the way, I changed my base design recently, it’s way better than the one I had before, but I didn’t have to take it form the Top 10 players.

I think it’s actually a good design, and others had said that too, and I bet I’m NOT the first one to figure out that design, but I didn’t copy it.

You and I seem to have very different stories and experience about bases, and that’s fine, but I guess you’re only doing stuff based on your perspective.

And that’s why I don’t think they necessarily need to copy their base from top players  :slight_smile:

Rule1: copy top 10 base it a no everyone have they own play style

Rule 2: min 50k it depend on ur ally LVL if your ally LVL 10 and u ask them for 50k it won’t happen very hard for me this it how I do

Ally LVL: 1-10 5k-10k 11-29 20k-50k and so on I not going give u the whole list :stuck_out_tongue:

Rule 3: yes that may work but again it up to them

Rule 4: this rule I think everyone use it even for my ally but how u make everyone work as a team that it up to you(Leader)

Thank you so much gypsyrose…Your Alliance is exactly what I aspire to lead in the future. You lead an army point blank! And each member of your army is an awesome, serious,active player…

Looking at your troops let’s me see what I can build if I start the alliance the right way from the beginning.

And even though my alliance has yet to fight a single war season I’m confident my team is a team of future winners. Thank you for your example. I am a fan…lol

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I understand the point of having a cookie-cutter layout. While it may not be original it also doesn’t have huge glaring flaws like sticking three barricades/blockades at a U-turn so a player can blow up all three with one spell.


If players want to be original with their base layout it’s fine with me as long as it’s equal or better to the cookie-cutter designs out there.

Donations nd war season activity are the only required aspects and even that sometimes gets too much.

Being pushy drives people away!!

Unless the alliance is in top 50 nd even there u r free to keep ur base as u like!

And I hv never seen all members active on chat. Lolzzzz! I don’t even know how the chat will look like then! U can say that members r required to respond to some questions/queries, nd be forthcoming if they r going to be inactive in the upcoming war nd that’s already more than what most players do!

Base design is more intuitive then anything. Though there are some good rules to follow in base design, every case is unique. The higher level you go, the more bases are built to slow you down. Lower level bases… do stuff XD. I currently have 25 path tiles and use a miniature L design to the right. However, when I attack my own base, I found it worse than my old design (clover) for my level. I know that the top 25 or so players generally have 2 base types. 1) L 2) some squiggly thing that’s hard to describe. Your strategy is also very different when you have many boosts activated. In fact, trying to copy bases in a noob way will end horribly for you.


Besides if everyone did the same bases, where would the excitement in attacking be? :stuck_out_tongue:

By the way if you are seeking try-hards, your requirement should be people who spend a hundred dollars on the game every few months XD.

Lol…hilarous…You all have valid points. And its awesome to see such strong resistance to any kind of uniform structure. That tells me that most player enjoy the “come as you are” and “donate what you can” structure most alliances employ

Were a entirely different kind of animal.

I do admit were looking for the very active player types. People who are more likely to use hard earned gems to improve their alliance tower instead of gambling in the chamber of fortune.

Players willing to try a more structured and disaplined alliance… We all work as a team here. We use a basic base design that is easily grows with a players skill and base improvements. I’ve never yet found a fullproof base but some designs are better than others.

One thing we will try to avoid are the 4 or 5 members who seem to have the worse base designs and help your alliance lose wars and territory.

Bad base design and low donor members will keep turnover high and stronger players unhappy.

We have a lively and small alliance with good donors and active players. We share tips, test each others defenses and wave configs, and have fun…

I like the direction my Alliance is going. I feel bad that some of you are not taking the time to get to know the members in your own alliance.

We are going to grow slow and steady. Recruit smart players who like to win and boot players who can’t keep up and make the cut.

This alliance will never be a rest stop for weak bases or inactive players. And when we do suffer losses in wars it will be from stronger alliances with higher numbers. Nothing to be ashamed of because our members all fight hard and dont give easy wins because of inactives and weak bases.

What was the point in the article if it never mattered what people thought with you keeping to whatever “rules” you have

We show no resistance to you wanting your players to upgrade their alliance tower, the matter we don’t like is that you make them copy top bases, that’s not necessary at all, actually that’s absurd! You can help them to improve their defenses and maybe tell them if their design is bad, but having to copy a top base directly is an out-of-mind rule.