Even if info on upcoming event cannot be disclosed, can we know when it will be held regularly?

The schedule of events have been really weird for the past few months. It happens on a different day, and now, on a different regularity. This month looks like we only have 2 events.


If we can’t get info on what’s to come, can we at least get info on when events will happen? like every Friday? Every 2 weeks once?

 I understand that this would be desired but atm there are no such plans to give this information. Thanks for understanding.


Ok. Thanks for at least replying to this. ?

Thanks for replying to my reply. :wink:

The interesting thing that I would like to point out, though, is that we used to ALWAYS get an event on a Wednesday, and pretty much everyone knew that. Is it not possible for you guys to just make a set date for a weekly event anymore? I mean, seriously, it’s important to know when an event is starting, you can’t just have them all over the place, especially with an event like the Blacksmith!

Well sorry but i dont understand!!is it difficult or is it less profitable for some or they dont care or what??

Some things in the game that are based to “luck”& randomness like the schedule of events& like forging on items really play with the nerves of many of us,please reconsider

Congrats you’ve been answered ?. I ask the same thing on the Q&A Dev section but got ignored. ?

Its not new what people still surprised? all event start appear in up of the screen Wednesday morning and start Thurdays Morning. that was like that since over 1 year. So you should know to keep your worker free for boost your defense,boost your offense and more.Nothing new here