Event: Autumn is here!

Hello Community,


Autum is here! The leaves start flying around and falling, the weather becomes colder, what does this inspire you?


The event:

Write a poem related to Autumn AND Royal Revolt 2 (min. 10 words)




  • 1000 gems for the most original answer (picked by CM team)
  • 1000 gems for the most immersive answer (in the world of Royal Revolt 2) (picked by CM team)
  • 500 gems for one random entry



  • You can take part by answering this topic
  • Only 1 answer per person
  • Deadline is Friday 9th October at 4pm (German time)
  • Don’t forget to leave us your ingame name


Good luck and have fun!



The leaves are falling,

Royal troops are calling,

The rains disappear

Like the dungeon’s lair,

The year becomes older ,

And ogre becomes bolder,

When the weather becomes cold,

There’s a Royal Revolt,

The bears hibernate,

And becomes stronger the castle gate,

The royal troops are clever,

And everyone lived happily forever.

IGN-Cpt Anjishnu

Here’s my poem,hope I win some gems…

enemy sees the falling leaves to hell

     and feels the falling spells from my king…

my base looks like shuttred in autmn

       but try once then it shut you to bottom…

Dont use whole dummy tricks in my base

        i  use wolf mummy tricks in my base… :slight_smile:

New colors are taking place

king is not sure on what to do,

because trophies are not his main case.


This period could have lot of to offer,

but the prickly cold makes him suffer.


But for every problem there is a solution,

since he said that they had a spell,

a spell for a glorious revolution.


Firestorm was there in his arsenal,

but nobody knew it was real harmful.


Burn, burn, burn he screamed to his enemies,

so much that they ruined his castle

because they killed his troops’ families.


Once he discovered he had a real love every day,

king kept silent until autumn will fade away.


IGN: oPelle

Everyday everynight of autumn i played royal revot its my passion my all i want to be number one its my goal

The leaves fall around like knights the weather get cool like frosters power

And autumn is lovely like royal revolt

Ing Phantom lord4

Royal Autumn Revolt


Autumn is around the corner,

It makes you to wonder.

All leaves are falling,

Cold weather is coming.


It’s raining cats and dogs,

All ducks leave the  ponds,

And all you care about

Is the strongest base layout.


Leaves are falling down,

Red, yellow, orange, brown,

RR2 never lets you down,

When you win  there’s crown, crown, crown.


Wolf is howling

Like wind is blowing.

Dragons are scary

Like Autumn scenery.


When it’s raining heavily outside,

You have RR2 by your side.

Your king wears a shiny armour,

Like he’s living in a splendour.


In the Autumn morning,

All you hear is wolf howling.

Alliance War planning starts,

It takes control over our minds.

All that count are the skulls,

We are all like grinding fools.


It’s too cold to play outside,

Instead you play online.

With your RR2 friends

The fun never ends.




THe bEautifUl aUtumN seaSon iS almOst hEre,

So i cAn smEll thE frEshnEss oF roYal revOlt 2…

BEcauSe thE uPdate iS soO neAr…

IGN: Samsda

The yellow leaves and the naked trees, Autumn is here to give me breeze. Forcing me to remember, becoming the reason, What did I do in the summer season ?


I was sad and I was bored, Did not know to travel which road. Then I find this app  royal revolt, Which hit me like a thunderbolt.


Became addicted to the point, No more need of the joint. All these spells.and all these troops, Arrange the towers in the best of  routes.


Try to win the gems in chests, Or grind some more to complete the quests. Dad’s credit card, emptying the bank, Till I reach the first rank !

Till I reach the first rank !


IGN: MaharanaDwitiya  :slight_smile:

Running on the ground like a Pokemon,

Flying in the air like a charizard,

I see the trees shedding leaves around,

Whining away i go like a buzzy bee,

I am a Royal Revolter, I swivel around like a knight,

hup hup hippy hurray , at the night i see the trees,

The trees just look like baldy monsters,

hIP hip hippy hurray 


Ign :- EmperorV

This autumn came, I’ve had no sleep,RR2 game - grind runs so deep…For every war, you fight like hell,There’s so much stories I could tell…And while leaves are falling down,I wear my pixel little crown,I’m spending money on those gems,To use for bread, not for defense…We hoped for Flare to wake up,To change this grind to decent cap,Reduce those costs, at least a bit,With chests, they showed us just more greed…I hope one day update would come,And it would bring us zero harm,Because I like this game, a lot,It brought me joy, that can’t be bought…IGN - RevenanT

                                                             It my dragon’s autumn

                       when sun is there,i has my froster

                       while wind is there,i has  dracomancer

                       when both r there its time for autumn


"The last of October

We guard the castle gate

The flowers alive all withered They used to stand straight."


"The last of October

We put the towers away

The paths look deserted

For an open base."


"The last of October

Dragons are born

Screams in the castles

The defences are all gone."


"Everything’s put away

Before it starts to snow

Gargoyles start to grow

Blazing knights have no place to go."



IGN- Akira Kunisada

Hi there ,your majesty

Just for you know

The leaves are falling

So is your reign !

Let rise ! My soldier

Destroy the fence !

I will be what …

This kingdom need .

A great leader

An awsome king !

IGN : Soilwk

I know my english is terrible . This is all i can come up with .

Lol, I’m terrible at poetry so I won’t even try to write something. Also I feel kind of excluded because there’s no autumn in my country so I can’t feel anything from something that I’ve never seen in real life. By the way, good luck to all the writers!


P.S: Rules say you take part by answering this topic, technically that’s what I’m doing, so maybe I can at least be taken in count in the random prize. so I’ll leave my in-game name.  :stuck_out_tongue:


IGN: Krman

I like autumn

I like coffee

I like tea

you like royal revolt more than me?  :slight_smile:

The amazing autumn event is here,

but HUNS presence is still nowhere,

Now I go and play Royal Revolt 2,

but you can soon expect a poem from Blookie Bloo!



IGN: rudrAgni


(Terrible poem I know, but I am hoping for 500 gems for random entry :stuck_out_tongue:




Autumn is wise and autumn is great;


O yes it has arrived no more need to wait;


While my enemies’ raid my base,


It creates a fake impression at first gaze.


They think it’s too easy to defeat this guy


Thinking they will surely gain lots of gold medal and trophies thereby,


When they start raiding with huge troops and maxed spells,


They get stunned with my orges club and my archers nails.



And when my wolf howls with rage their armies stuck fear,


So as they can’t get to my snake towers near;


And then my gargoyles blasts into him when the autumn leaves starts to sing.


From far my frosters and pyros were enjoying this scene 


But now they transform into dragons with red and blue skin.


Finally they fail to pass my last barricade not much far from my castle gate,


As my skull towers and firebolts decides his fate;


Autumn is wise and autumn is great.



I saw this story while I was dreaming,


No, not at night but while my teacher was screaming,


Because I felt asleep in my class looking through the window case,                                        


My cloudy troops flying by my autumn sky base;


She got offended and off the classroom she went as i responded late,


Yes, now I feel so happy autumn is wise and autumn is great.



(Thank you friends to read my poem Hope it’s not too bad I am writing poem for first time its quite evident from how i wrote ha-ha and ofcouse i had fun).



In game name:-Subhra Jeet

A touch of cold in the Autumn night --I walked abroad,And saw the ruddy moon lean over a hedgeLike a red-faced farmer.I did not stop to speak, but nodded,And round about were the wistful starsWith white faces like town children.