Event Conquest Again few awards again

We started playing the event with my alliance and we found that the prizes are not better, but they have lowered the amount. Now, they have added gold awards for the alliance, but the technology and the watchtowers have significantly increased prices. I think that this time, they have not heard the innumerable complaints of players about the prizes, but they have diminished them, making this event not entertaining, much less fun.

I do this publication to see if indeed we are not the only annoying with this event, that despite the rewards, requires a lot of time and effort that is not worth it

I leave as proof the image, which in the second technology already asks me for 26000/30000 of wisdom in the range 150-199, which seems excessive to me. I do not want to know how much will come later, 36,000? 40000?

I await your opinions

Good luck all.


Can’t comment on how well everything scales, so I’m just referring to max tier

That research costs 1,100,000 gold and 39,000 wisdom.
Level 8 University holds 100,000 wisdom 
You should be getting (at least) 50,000 wisdom from your whole alliance every 2 days.



not in every tier, there may be more chests (even though there are tiers where this is the case), BUT in every tier, the rewards from the chests are better and there are more rewards itself.

The amount of the chests does not say anything about the value of the chests and its contents.

Please don’t spread false conclusions.

Thank you,



the contents of the chests I will not know, I am referring to the amount. Do not you think the amount is little for 8 days of play? And now, in question to the amount of wisdom, what explanation can you give me? His answer is very defensive, instead of understanding the problematic of the matter

the amount of wisdom in your case seems to be balanced, in my case, what level would have my headquarters of the alliance to participate at that height? 26000/30000 is excessive, considering that it is only the second technology, which seems aberrant

the last Conquest the wisdom costs weren’t consistent, so this “could” be the highest it goes

Max Tier Rewards Totals:

Uber chest rewards: 20
Gem chest: at least 100 gems
Alliance gold: 50,000,000 total
Pal chest: 5
Pro- chest: “Contains awesome Pro-Rewards”  basically 1 like last time


Contents matter.

In my case: 

1 uber chest

1 gem chest

1 pal chest

1 pro chest

30,000,000 alliance gold


Only 4 chest for play 8 days 24hs. The rest of alliance gold maybe waste in event. So low reward.


Contents matter!

I believe chests content is the same for tiers with same color, and the difference would be just the amount of chests for each tier

Because the chests rewards for 200-249 tier are exact the same as you mentioned. 

The difference between the second highest and max tier is 1 less of each chest and 10,000,000 less alliance gold, we receive 40,000,000 total


Para evitar tanto desgaste en estar conectado casi siempre al juego lo mejor sería buscar treguas con las otras alianzas y juntar los puntos hasta la carpa de sanación (que en nuestro caso llega a 150) porque poco importa los impulsos de mejora de la gárgola, torre veneno y el vikingo…así todos felices ?

We’ll have to see what the chests have inside, but so far it indeed looks like the prizes are not worth again

Talking about my tier (200-249):

If you stop to think about it, the Conquest rewards are not much different from Alliance Wars’
But instead of getting a lot of chests that we hope to have good stuff inside, we receive the good stuff directly.

No need to fill Treasure Chamber before opening chest to receive pearls and gems or spend time and gold melting all useless items received. They are giving us those resources directly on chests.

And then there is the awesome pal reward. It’s 600+ pals to the alliance every month, can’t complain.
The pro reward is also not that bad, 2 pro-chests is same or even more than a lot of players normally receive due to the bad escalation of prizes in Pro-League.

So let’s first see how good the chests are gonna be, and then we give feedback about it. Let’s not complain about rewards that we don’t even now yet. 

I see some problem with the reward like some member are not playing will get the same reward as the whole alliance, the skull are useless in rewarding player who did the hard work and still cof will drain those player gems in order to win important tile.

I dont have problem with the chest because i didnt open one yet, but again, would you considered its fine to do a job that you dont know how much salary you will earn but already feel the stress and losing money because you are a hard working one ? This need to be improve .