Event disappeared or early ended?

Hi, I have realized that the event has disappeared pr got finished 16h earlier?

I was just fighting to  collect the required money for my next upgrade and I have realized that event logo/flag has disappeared from the top of screen. Restart did not solved it.

You also have the same issue or it is only me?



Same but I am not sure if it’s a display bug because all mine are max so can not check

I noticed the same just now.

Was asking my alliance mates after having a “WTF moment”.

Please give us our 1 day left of event… @GalaMorgane @Archimedes

I was farming gold for it as so many other players…

It’s really unfair how you announce 2 days, but then it ends mid way…

indeed. just noticed. curtain of the disappeared promotion. almost one day stolen from the players. once you prove your incompetence. Brava Flare. compliments. still a disappointment. more than videos taken out of WP owners. now also stolen promotion

All recent actions performed by flare are ridiculous and annoying. I feel disappointed once again

What the hell flare! You announce a 2 day event and end it after a day. I want 2.4 mil gold and 5 days8 hours taken off my hammerstrike upgrade to level 21. IGN ThomasMaxxReborn

The moral to this story is: always assume it’s a 24 hour event, no matter what flare or their announcement gizmos say.

Really, flare… I don’t even…

It’s not about assuming…

They promised, so they must deliver!  :angry:

Like, what the hell man? Which company does this? 


Oh absolutely. This is another example why nobody trusts flare anymore. You can be lied to only so many times.

What? I wanted to accumulate my gold right now and do my stutfs with the event. Gone? Really? What? what the hell is this? a joke? :slightly_frowning_face:

This is a bummer. All my stuff was in cooldown when the event started but one troop would have been reset in time to take advantage of the event. It still has under 6 hrs to go before reset but it should have had about 4 hours to get the upgrade in before the event was scheduled to end.

I wonder if we’ll even get a reaction from Flaregames about this…

“Sorry for the inconvenience. The event will be back in a couple months. No big deal”

Many thanks

Not gala

Hello there,

Thank you for reporting this. So we did screw up and we are sorry about it. We just reactivated the promo and it will also be extended during the weekend.

Apologizes for that and I hope you’ll have the time to enjoy the event.

Many thanks,


在北京时间2018年6月21日22:00左右,增强你的攻 活动突然间就提前结束了,本来存着的金币用来升级魔笛个毒击炮,重点是可以省下来不少时间,这样提早结束了,也只好认了倒霉,现在按照原来的升级时间去升级了,还有图片上的时间是我已经看广告奖励缩短的……金币不是问题,问题是时间……现在你却又重新开启活动,这是什么问题……这不就白白浪费了我们玩家的时间吗?你要不就不要重新开启,你要重新开启就给我们所有的时间都缩短… …IGN 純眞的XXOO

First reports of people in my alliance that have already started an upgrade because the event was dismissed earlier and now won’t be able to enjoy the benefits anymore.

Well done, again.

WTH man, after saving gold for a couple days and having the event canceled before the one unit that would clear cooldown in time to be upgraded. I went ahead and upgraded it once it did. And now the event is back! That is asinine. No response to why it was pulled, no reason given as to why it’s back. Just boned out of another event.

Who’s running this stuff?


I want the clock on this upgrade set to what the event would have set it at with the video bonus, and the difference in cost reimbursed.

Hi Gala, 


The promo seems got reactivated, but the prices are not cheaper and upgrades are not shorter  :slightly_frowning_face:  only the banner shows. 

Also, it is not extended, will be end in 5 mins. Please kindly double check.


UPDATE: It is correct now, thanks for taking care!

I have already started a 5-day upgrade because the event was dismissed earlier! That means the event discounts are not available for me anymore! :frowning:

That upgrade I went and started because Flare didn’t bother to check the status of their game for well over 12 hours. Well now the time that was expired on it (the green bar) is gone. I don’t even know if it is still counting down.

But hey, take another 16 hours to see if things are working.