Event don't work

Thx Failgames. 1 you chance event and now this shit. 

you opened it before the event started - not the mistake of flaregames!!

Der cooldown für die Kiste wird erst reduziert nachdem man die erste Kiste nach start des Events abgeholt hat

People have problem with event. Its because the event just have start right now. You must check in the upper screen and click on event.The event end in 1 day

Nicht nur das ich 1 Gold Schild umsonst gekauft haben wegen den Vorhigen event nun zieh ich sozusagen die Arschkarte 

M english is not so good warriornator. Use Google translator. 

Thx Failgames great Job.


English : Not only that I have bought 1 Gold Shield for free because of the Vorhigen event now I pull the ass card, so to speak

still its not Flare fault this time. You must check carefully in the upper screen. The event start in : ‘‘insert time’’ after you have the event end in : ‘‘insert time’’

its enough clear

Seems like this event makes more sense than google translation 

Not only did I buy a 1 gold shield in vain, so I pulled the ass card, so to speak.


OK its sad but what is the link between the fact you have the gold shield and Pal collector event don’t work? because I don’t understand the link between this topic and your statement. elaborate more?

Ok my guess you wanted to say the Boost your defense don’t work so the Pal collector make you anger because you have buy 1 gold shield and now its totally wasted. Well its unfair but everyone is unhappy whatever Flare do

if they have keep Boost your Defense its all Windows Users who would have been angry and frustrated. Now they have change this and its now the one have prepare for this event who are angry and frustrated. So its hard in a point of view of Flare to satisfy everyone in this situation. Pal collector was the less damageable because we have a Granny,Alliance Party and Boost your Castle weeks ago. So the only one left its Pal collector

For this make no sense. I lose 45 Gems and i can open only 1 pal chest. I hope next time flare think twice befor Flare change Ingame event.

I know I feel you but Flare don’t care. Windows User still don’t have video ads and have remove video ads to the one who have it.Now Flare have change event. So at which moment Flare do the right thing? Never. Let’s say its not their strength 

In Italy we say “La ruota gira per tutti” This time I was unlucky

Not really. What, not being able to cut 3 hours off a two day long upgrade that costs 40% less than normal? Yes, absolutely unbearable. It’s much better to upgrade things at 15 million/8 days but have a video boost. :rolleyes:

I’m a windows user and don’t care about videos for boost defense/offense events, and nobody else should either because it’s irrelevant in this case. It matters for blacksmith related events or when you there isn’t a festival and you need to raid for gold much but neither of this conditions is occuring now. And because of the completely unnecessary change of events I want to punch flare so bad right now.

I know I am myself on Windows and I understand its more fair for everyone but however I will not have die if Flare have decided to continue with Boost your defense. its far to be the end of the world. there is more horrible shit outside RR2 like hurricane,Tornado,people who don’t eat,etc… Not have ads its not the end of your life. I am neutral and i understand people too who want their video ads to reduce time and do more stuffs,etc…


Sorry Warrior, but I have to disagree.

They put this new system in place of announcing an Event a day in advance.  That was an idea that made people happy.  All people.  Even people with Windows who are taking it hard up the a$$ from Flare.

The 1 and only way they could turn this good idea, an idea that made people happy, into a typical Flare bad decision, is to play what is known as a bait-and-switch with their good idea.  And that is exactly what they made the decision to do.  

The short term results are that people are more angry with Flare today than they were yesterday.  Me included.

The long term results are that people no longer trust the Event Pre-Announcement. 

These jackasses at Flare managed to kill their own good idea.