event duration

When does event end?


Please last longer I love it

FB says 1-4 march

Macamus according to the Facebook post the event ends on Mar 4 at 12:00 PM in UTC+01

Also check the “0fficial announcements” thread prior to the time given above as Aether usually posts when the server maintenance will actually occur to end the event.

it will end tomorrow that is confirmed bt the time is not officially announced!! Hopefully aether will announce it just before time :slight_smile:

Yes usually its in the official announcement but not now thats why i asked

I asked on twitter and they replied it ends tomorrow so maybe few hours before the war

Server maintenance in approx 8 min.

that means, they finish it earlier, than announced!

In Facebook, that event is still announced until 12 pm (german time)!

Would be really great, if at least once, flare could fulfill, what they promise…