Event: Halloween is at our door!

Hello Kings & Queens,


Halloween is close!

How do you plan to fight against the incoming nightmares and horrors?

We are curious about how you will survive during this weekend.

You will have to go through three trials; then, maybe, we will spare your life… 


You can participate in only one of them, or in all of them. Choice is yours…


First trial is the Trial of Bravery.

Second Trial is the Trial of Imagination.

Third and last Trial is the Trial of Strength.


Among all the players who participated , three random players will be rewarded with 500 gems.


We will closely watch your progress and hope that you will survive…


See you on the other side and good luck, mighty Kings and Queens!

Excuse me Aether, but:

Does this mean you will pick 3 Random Winners besides all the other 6 + x/5 winners?




Trial 1 Rewards:


Trial 2 Rewards:


Trial 3 Rewards:

I hope so

Trial 1 i hope to win craziest and random 1000

Trial 2 funniest and random 1000

Trial 3 500

So i m hoping on 2500. :slight_smile:

Sorry if i break your dream but you can win only 500 gems each, not 1000 gems in a single one or 1500 gems for example. In this way more people can be satisfied rather than only a few. But you can always try to win 1500 gems on all three  :grinning:

Hey Pyromaniac,


Yes, among all the players who participated in ALL trials, I will pick 3 additional random ones :grinning:

Also, except for the random winner, you can only win once for each of them.

Hey everyone!


Thank you for participating, I will have a look and provide the results on Friday or Saturday :slight_smile:

I have to wait 2 more days… You re just cruel. :slightly_frowning_face:

This is because none of you thought I could be your Halloween Nightmare :grinning:

Yes we did… We play this game already fir a longer time… Remember… Lol

It is because this way, you don’t expect me to be scary, then I come and haunt you :slight_smile:

We will see if you survived to my evilness in a few days!

If its friday or saturday of the next week , that would be really evil

IGN nguyentoan19938

Neu toi co 1 cơn ác mộng đó là không có gems cho vị vua của tôi đi du lịch

I would probably not give the results next week, more likely this week…

But maybe just to prove my point (to Heroesflorian too)… :wink:

Aether cí 1 cơn ác mộng khủng khiếp đó là gặp ngài

IGN nguyentoan19938

Hey nguyentoan19938,


Please note the event is over :grinning:

Also, please use English only on the forums.

If its really true about what discussed above about random winnersThen in hope of winning random prize by posting here I would like to gain 500 gems.Hope u like my new creation and give me the gems really very important for me now to upgrade alliance tower so please help if u like my fierce post and wanna encourage my work then give me the random gems .Lots of effort to create this one .THANK U!!!

In game name :Subhra Jeet