[Event] Leaderboard Challenge: Powers of 10

IGN: Mr Deads Top 10

2015-10-14 23.28.52.png

This is my second account, but it is definitely mine   :grinning:


Thanks Flare for these events - I do like them, they add a little variety and are fun!!



Wait for me, I’ll participate for the 10k trophies prize too  :grinning:

Actually it was hard for me, many players with the same trophy count, so getting that exact rank was just a matter of luck that took some time…


IGN : antonmetallica1976

Hope I win :slight_smile:



besides amount of trophies, what else influences the rank position??


I’m trying to make it to 100,000 position but there’s a tie between a lot of player with same amount of trophies there


actual 100,000th:




How do I climb the rank without getting more trophies?

Gimme gems :v 

My rank


You have no idea how many trophies i have to giveaway for this event

IGN : Soilwk

I am iran power ranck 10 already

So bad net speed I couldn’t sent my rank pic

Posting on behalf our my beautiful teammate ~~~ Satria Garuda (IGN) Miss Apocalypse 2015

IGN: LenhBon

“I may not be the best, but I’m far from the worst”

finally get to 10,000


TASK COMPLETED! -2,200 troophies