Event not started

HI . I got the pop-up that event started but I do not see any difference on cost for Pals Chest. Still 7.5 k . Did this event started properly?? I already re-connect the game several times. Can someone check? @Archimedes@Nikko

Thanks in Advance?

The same problem for me. ign Nico GTR

I guess this applied to all. Me too, got pop up message about the event is started but the actual event hasn’t started yet.


EDIT: I ask my member, some of them stated that the event already started in their castle  and some of them said the same problem with me: got pop-up message but the event is not started on their castle.




EDIT2: It’s fixed now. However, I already start collecting my free pal chest when there’s problem in my account regarding this event, so the duration for the next free pal chest is normal, must wait like usual days, sigh. Please prevent this incident to happen again flaregames.

@RoyaleDing2, ouch, that must be frustrating, however, the event worked fine for me this morning when I came in. The pop-up came up, I collected the chest and it said 12 hours till the next chest. 

@AwesomestKnightest, Yeah, a little bit frustrated. Good for you don’t have this bug on your game. ?

yeah ! i also won’t notice any mistake. :slight_smile:

LOL! I didn’t have a bug in the game right here. But 2 days later I lost my account. What a coincidence 

LOL, 2 days later? really? ?

However, glad you can made a comeback without any big problem regarding account restore with FG. ?