Event: Royal Revolt goes Hollywood

Hello Community,


I want to start a series of fun events that either put you into a competition or make you do some creative things.


The Event:

Answer the following question:

If Hollywood would make a Royal Revolt movie, which Actors would be in it? (EVENT IS OVER)




  • 300 Gems for one random entry - picked totally randomly
  • 300 Gems for the funniest entry - picked by former CM Jona
  • 300 Gems for the most realistic entry - picked by the CM Staff


  • You can take part by answering to this topic.
  • Only 1 answer per person.
  • Deadline is 24h after this topic has been created!
  • Don’t forget to leave your in game name!


Good Luck and Have Fun!




I would guess Liam Nelson.

Perhaps one of the other kings stole Liam Nelson’s daughter, and he’s fighting to get them back. He could be one of the Arblasters.

Gérard Depardieu in “The Count of Monte Cristo” can dress this rule of actor, there is the castle on both (movie and game) where Edmond (the count and the king character in-game) after escaped from the castle because wrongfully imprisoned, he has to take his revenge against their old trusted people, now enemies (kings in in royal revolt) So the attacks we do are the revenge by edmond against them  :grinning:


IGN: oPelle

How the gods of war slowly became more pleased with the kings of the World, this granting them more resources, to fight!

I think it should be perfect plot for xmen : the new stand with all mutant troop led by our hero james McAvoy (a.k.a. charles xavier) leading an attack on the mutants and their other leader( anti hero/ opponent base) who chose the darker path to life.

Ign: Mortal X

Gerard butler would be great!

He surely will give that goose bump momments.

And come on…people will always remember that Leonidas king and 300 spartans!

He’s perfect!


Emelia Clarke- Because who would make a more badass queen than daenerys

Kit Harington- Jon snow would make the coolest king, plus long claw nuff said

Peter dinklage- Tyrion lannister all the way

Lena headey-Because what kingdom would be complete without a power hungry blonde

Maisie williams- someone has to do the dirty work

Our army will be from narnia, how else do you explain ogres,mummies and werewolves

Baaiclly royal revolt and game of thrones are the same



peter dinklage (the dwarf from game of thrones)


ign: venray

I say Chris P bacon as World ruler and King extraordinar and Emelia Clarke for Queen of Bacon Nation of course well cause she’s hot…

russell crowe

Jim Carrey from the mask

Give the Role to EmperorV and The Revenant , the best Royal wood Heros. Boom Boom discyaaammm… Boom , as Comedian we would take chuck Norris the great !!!

I believe he has a very special set of skills and will hunt the other kings down?

I sense some strong Game of Thrones vibes here!


Brace yourselves… winter is coming!

Danny Trejo :slight_smile:

Danny Trejo in Royal Revolt the Movie

Danny Trejo in Royal Revolt kills

Danny Trejo in Royal Revolt kills again!

Haha would be funny:)


Eclipse: Crown of Destiny The movie about clearing dungeons might be awesome ! Michael Caine tells the fairy tale to lil kid ( Johny Deep ) and for fifteen years of collecting informations, items and friends Mr. Deep is going on trip to prove everyone that the fairytale is real! They are looking for dungeon with ancient crown of the strongest king! there’s many spells and action! Blood! Blood! Treasures! and Epic effects! Finally they found the dungeon and reached the last stage! BUT! There were someone else! (Julia Roberts) as Ghost of King’s daughter! She looks so beauty! but she is so dangerous as well… They couldn’t defeat her until Johny cut his veins to unlock his best spell! He is going to use this even if he can do that just once! And there we go! BAM BAM BAM! SLASH! SLASH! Krrr! They won!! !! !! But there’s no happy end! One of his friends betrayed him and steal the crown O.O ! ! but now we have to wait for Eclipse 2… IGN: Sickie

i think uncle jack can take my part as actor at the movie, he has the closest personality as i, so he’s permitted to use my ign for the movie. ign: imMythNLegend

this is pretty cool :slight_smile:


he is the only actor to pull off the hair/costume :grinning:


but if they wanted a more serious approach, because we know johnny wouldn’t do something serious, than go with R** ussell Crowe**.


the issue with that is when I picture Russell  casting a spell im getting a funny image :stuck_out_tongue:


what we are left with is unfortunately Tom Cruise :slightly_frowning_face:

Best actors!

No better choice.



And they actually look alike some Royal Revolt characters  :wink:

Brad Pitt