Event: Royal Revolt goes Hollywood

I started it so give it to me

Gerard butler would be great!

He surely will give that goose bump momments.

And come on…people will always remember that Leonidas king and 300 spartans!

He’s perfect!

IGN : Đệ MV - Jocker’s

Ben Stiller

IGN: LoliLoli2014

of course its my favorite actor 

jackie chan!!!

he play the role as knight since the knight have big nose and jackie chan too

and then he as knight raid all kingdom with kung fu… alone without the king

since he is too strong wolfy become his pet, queen fall in love to him even granny too

and the king only look with jealousy from far away soon he replaced by the knight… :slightly_frowning_face:

Who else than Viggo Mortensen in his role of Aragorn, son of Arathorn? He’s built for fighting Ogres and Wargs, and bringing down towers and gates is his second nature! King of Gondor!


IGN: Floris van Rozemond

Here I will link them to avengers…

Captain America(the king or leader) - Chris Evans

The giant ogre with the hammer thing!! Thor or Chris Hemsworth

The mummy dance or the funny mummy - Robert Downey Jr. For his comedy roles.

Queen!!- Scarlett Johnson( lady of captain for some time :v )

Tom Cruise ~ his life reflects the issues we have had with RR2

IGN The animal jammer

Dwayne Johnson would be perfect!

IGN: Heissenberg.

What about you danaerys…your a good actor…

I go for Elijah Wood… :slight_smile:

Rebel Wilson as our queen XD :stuck_out_tongue:

Peter Dinklage as the King - He’s the only one small enough to fit on my phone.


Bella Lagossi as the Pyromancer - He already has the cape pulled across his face


Johnny Depp as the Wolf - reprising his role from “Into The Woods” and if you sat through that movie long enough to see Johnny Depp you have my sympathies 


Nick Nolte as the Mummy - Because his face should be covered with bandages.


Errol Flynn as The Archer - Come on, he was Robin Hood who else could play the Archer


Shrek as the Ogre - Duh


Justin Bieber as the Knight - Because Knights get killed early and I would pay to see Bieber die in the first 5 seconds of battle




Casting for this movie courtesy of king  ken747

Orlando Bloom as Arblaster


John Travolta as the Ogre IGN: rudrAgni

That movie already exists :slight_smile:

Christian Bale will star as the King. Who better to be the King than the Dark Knight himself? Oh, you like solo’ing the gate? Batman works alone. Perfect choice!


Kevin Hart will play Knight, because I imaine Knights are these little annoying guys running around cutting down barriers.


Hugh Jackman can play Wolf because… well… Wolverine… 'nuff said.


Jennifer Lawrence will show off her skills as Archer. We all know what she can do with a bow, amirite? Besides, who says they all have to be men?

#StrongFemaleCharacter (Now Trending)


Mummy… tough one. Maybe Kristen Stewart? Her eyes seemed dead enough in Twilight, and she seemed to shuffle through most scenes, stunning audiences with her bad acting!



Most likely all actors would be employees from Flare.


Seems like they have nothing better to do (like fixing bugs or even trying out if their product works with upcoming OS-releases), so they have lots of time to act in an imaginary movie!

The only one busy seems to be the community manager who has to come up with ideas how to keep the forum users busy - get them some useless questions to think about, so they’ll forget to complain about the real problems for some time… :stuck_out_tongue:

Voted for “Johnny Depp”  :grinning:  

IGN : Goi AA

Well, Richard Armitage, he can be the king, well the king will be greedy lol


IGN: xxTrolfacexx



Chris Evans or Captain America for the king , Robert Downey Jr. For the mummy dance( funny) queen will be - Scarlett Johnson . Ogre - Thor or Chrish Hemsworth with the hammer!!


Ign - Zohaib The King