Event: Saturnalia

I know that this is supposed to be a Greek themed game, but I think it’d be kinda fun to bring a Saturnalia event into the game. This was a annual Roman tradition that celebrated Saturn (so, Zeus for the Greeks) for 8 days. If we could get special boosts or some sort of fun event for a week every once in a while that’d be really cool! Share your thoughts below

@AwesomestKnightest I am pretty sure Zeus = Jupiter in Rome. Chronos, though, seems to be the Saturn. So, um, this celebrates Chronos instead?

Some kind of event on a regular basis would be nice. Call it the olympics!

Yep, you’re right lol. Oh well, I get Jupiter and Saturn mixed up in the Solar System for some reason, so why not here too  

Zeus had many festivals in his honor. The Nemean Games were held every two years.

Therefore the grand prize would be the double of the Birthday Challenge: 12K Gems ?

Yeah. And take double the time to get (a year?) :slight_smile:


Chronos is the personification of time, not to be confused with  Cronus  (Roman equivalent Saturn), the Titan father of Zeus.

The next great conjunction  of Jupiter and Saturn will be in December 2020:



Thats precisely what happens if you misspell Cronus and then click on AC without thinking. Nice catch