Event: Show us how mighty you are during the War!

Dear Olympians,

The War will start tomorrow.

We would like to see how epic you can be in battle!

What do you have to do?

  • Using the video recording feature in-game , record your most epic battle in War and share the video with us!
  • You can upload the video on YouTube or any other video hosting platform for us to watch.
  • If you are using iOS 10 , you can also broadcast your battle as long as the broadcast is saved online until the judging is done.


  • The complete battle should be visible , from the loading screen before starting the battle until the end of the battle (Victory screen)
  • Only one entry per player
  • Only the battles recorded during the War are accepted as submissions
  • Deadline to share the video with us is Tuesday 27th September 3pm (GMT +2)
  • Like the entry that you prefer  to give the participant a chance to win!


  • 3 entries chosen by Chris, Captain Morgan and Alysea  will receive 1,000 gems
  • 1 entry chosen by the community will be rewarded with 700 gems (based on the amount of “likes” of the posts)
  • 2 additional random entries will be rewarded with 500 gems

Good luck in the War and share your feats with us!

Hard to determinate the most epic raid in advance, isn’t it? ?

It is so you know about it and record the video during the war.

Hard to record it during the war once this one is over ?

Ants attack )))

Don’t forget to record a battle during the War to have a chance to win!

War ends on Monday at 12pm GMT+2, so use efficiently the time left! :grinning:

my best attack 

hope u like it

Ign:doomlord of India


When you are too small but your squad needs you anyways… 

Ign NovaSmasher 

P.S.: Sorry about the quality 

My hero was so might, all he needed was some big balls to help him knock down some walls!


 How are you uploading video directly to forum? Video is larger then 1.95mb

its magic, I just post link and it shows up after a few mins.

What he forgot to say: “I posted the link from my phone but it didn’t work, then Aly ninja edited my post so the video is visible here!”


its true…  :slightly_frowning_face:


https://www.dropbox.com/s/2lyxpnlcreg08fg/Video Sep 25%2C 8 36 31 AM.mp4?dl=0


let me know if this works lol

Ign:Obi one               Really need the gems im poor asf ?

Yup it does :grinning:

Will upload tmr, need to get rid of the unwanted background noise ?

My Perseus is still weak and a coward. But his troops are mighty for him.

Please make sure to check out the solo finish at the end.

Screencast makes the game incredibly laggy. I’ve done a couple of epic fails before that epic fight…

When skill meet money :wink:


Cadmus and some trebuchets  :grinning:


I hope you Can see it.


Lv 88 vs 105 6k trophies, no death, no invocation.

The hardest battle you have ever seen  ?

Hope that some one can improve their skill

Please let me know if the link doesn’t work.