Event: Show us your Island!

Hello everyone!

A few days have passed since most of you joined the game, so now…

What does your Island look like?

Send us a screenshot of the City part of your Island!


  • 500 gems for the most creative City (x3)
  • 500 Gem for a random entry (x5)

Deadline is Sunday 22/05 at 23:59 German time.

Good luck and have a nice week!

Elegant and simple, i present you the shrubs!!! :slight_smile:



I am talking about the city part of the Island, not the Defense part ^^

Here is mine :slight_smile:

Here is mine :slight_smile:



My city is build to impress visitors. After you walked through the gate of Apollo, you will see the mighty Athena statue and in the Shrine of Power. On the right side are the buildings for the war. But if you seek wisdom or entertainment, you should walk to the left side. Far in the back are the three temples and their resource storage.

Here is mine :slight_smile:  

Since I’m Scottish, and braveheart quotes are the best…“I’m the most wanted man on my island, except I’m not on my island…of course” 

so this is my island!

I’m proud to show you :

The beginning of the heroic path towards the divine fame  !!! or  not (perhaps just the path of the fun ^^)

Woot woot!! Here’s beginning of a masterpiece!! 

A work in progress (pardon the construction on the amphitheater) 


Here is my fantastic city! Everything connected with glorious first class pavement! and some bushes for the villagers to pee in when they get drunk!!



Piazza De Deus - the center of Olymp 

Father to Daughter

I am proud of my city!!!




not been playing long, but i have a walk way to my temple…

it wont let me upload it… too big i guess…

It won’t let me upload my screen shot. The file is too big.

Nevermind I figured it out. Welcome to my island! I wouldn’t have known you can edit your island if it wasn’t for this event.

My city may not be the biggest, but it’s not the size that matters!

IGN AwesomeDoud