Event: Show your king!

Hello Community!


One awesome thing in Royal Revolt 2 is the personalization of your king.

You can choose different colours for your equipment, and your gear can look different from one item to another!


The event:

Share a picture of your king!





  • 1,000 gems for the 3 players with the most likes
  • 500 gems for 3 random entries



  • You can take part by answering this topic with a picture of your king.
  • Only 1 answer per person
  • Deadline is Friday 4pm (German time (CEST))
  • Like the post with your favourite picture! The participants with the highest amount of likes for their post will be chosen as winners
  • Don’t forget to leave your ingame name!


Good luck and have fun!

However, inestead of an emo looking King I would prefer a nice looking Queen :wink:


Screenshot (1639)1mmmm.jpg



Regards !

ign: emgiee1

You’ll see the back of my king soon enough … as he walks out the RR door I’m afraid.

Here my Boxer =)


Ign: oPelle

In my alliance we joked that the person to score the lowest skulls during wars should be dressed like this : I wasn’t the lowest scorer fortunately, but this will be a good opportunity to give a warning to our lower performers for the unstylish destiny that awaits for them :wink:


Here’s my King Fabulous :slight_smile:

sorry for double post… couldn’t attach the file


Bum Bum Bum … see the Bum 

its my king



so cool, no ?

ign: Raph2006

*Votes for all my friends*

*Downvotes everyone else*

Vote me :v 

Little evil king  :wink:


I will get 1k gems front your face!!! 

my fabulous king(sadly i cant post a more recent photo of i the great king xXAtlas1000Xx)

Oh…yeah…its me…cmon guys…like it :slight_smile:




Ok, here is my king!