Event started today

I’m not sure what 6 hours towers upgrade is all about. On my upgrading towers nothing changes regarding time. Still showing days !!!

Alliance tower only :grinning:

Oh my apologies then.

My alliance tower upgrade shows 4 hours for the upgrade :slight_smile:

Heard that on the 11th

Anyway, the event says we will get special magic chests when a friend buys gems package but I got a standard chest instead. Anyone else ?

But inside that standard chest you will find only gems, when they write “magic gem chests” this means that you’ll find only gems inside whatever kind of chest you receive during the event.

But under normal circumstances when a member buys gems with real money we all get magic chest but not gems chest. Does that means gems chest are only event based?

my team did not get gems in their chests…i bought gems only to help them get enough to upgrade clan tower but they got no gems

Yes, I did not get gems in that standard chest. It was crap as always.

Yes, when a member buys a gem package, you’ll find the normal stuff inside, instead during the alliance party event when a member buys a gem package you will get only gems inside.

Oops maintenance. Now after making people buy gems, the real offer is implemented. How about giving what you have promised to everyone?

I wonder how long will this maintenance be? My tournament will end soon… x_x

Someone noticed they changed the Season Conditions for the next War Season: Sudden Skirmish?

From Skull bonus 3% now is 7% and from available attacks 12 now are 6… 

Yup I just checked maybe the updated the war conditions o.O

Someone just bought gems and we all got a standard chest containing a few items. When will this issue get fixed? I want to buy gems to give gems to the team!

And another maintenance. Ahaha what a joke with the gems thing.Guys anyone buying more gems for the sake of buying? …because your team gets nothing else than a standard reward. Maybe sometime next week you’ll get it.

And Flare won’t reward you unless start complaining. I’ll suggest you send a message to the support team while is HOT and can be easy proved.

OPelle got some explaining to do lol. I thought magic chests were just a bit better than common and didn’t get sucked in.

Depend what gem package the alliance member buys ^^ Plus since we are having all these server maintenances and all these issues around the gems bought here and there probably some relations there could be on it =/