Event starts... game stops :) EPIC FAIL FLARE

…rr2 stops after ninja event starts !

DISCONNECTED at Ninja start up will not reconnect??? wtf???

yeah flare want to make money but they refuse to upgrade server . typicly flare…

server is overloaded more times last months game crashing at searching players etc … flare fails with every upgrade.

How to celebrate the first Ninja Event? Obviously with a server down for many of us! FLARE-FAIL lol

Cant connect lol flare… 

Flaregames fail again  :slight_smile:


I said this would happen just a few minutes ago in my alliance chat :lol:

Same problems than in war… As posted lots weeks ago… Upgrade servers Flare…


Did the event really start? I clicked on the ninja portal and got a screen saying it wouldn’t start for THIRTY FOUR DAYS?

What’s the gaming equivalent of a cock tease?

And a crash. I have to admire the EPIC LEVELS OF GREED AND INCOMPETENCY.

Oh wait, no I don’t.


RR2 is dead,

time to change game. XD

And I asked on chatt to after the first raid told about experience … and a black screen :slight_smile:
They will laugh at me as soon as everything returns to normal. :stuck_out_tongue:

So much waiting, so much hype, and for what… big fail. And the design of the new weapons is just a horrible joke. Cant believe that devs can ruin their own game…




why not possible connect in game… Flare noob noob noob is not normal one other problem YOU NOOB I WANT.CONNECT AND PLAY THE COMMUNITY PAID FOR PLAY AND… DEAD FLARE

…yes :grinning:  the ninjas for sure are STRONG
They kick out the game :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

So many went to villain’s island, overcrowded then the whole server crashed. :lol:

I think in the next 5 mins we’ll crash the forums with so many posts.