Event System (changes / important suggestions)

Hello, how are you?

My name is Matthew Bernard Groh, I live in Brazil! Royal Revolt game for a long time already and I am a very active player, including already I have spent a lot of money on it. My IGN is: mateusgroh

I come to give my opinion about the latest events and changes that have happened at the same time they are cool, they have left a lot of frustrated and angry people. I say this for two reasons:

1 - Since starting the ninja event, the post-war events have lasted only one day. So we could not enjoy its benefits too. Still on this issue, these events should be announced with more advance forum to allow time to prepare for it. The fact that you insist on announcing two days when in fact the event only lasts a day leaves us all frustrated.

2 - On the week of events that is happening: in the same way, we are frustrated by having spells and units that are in waiting time to forge throughout the event, and we could not take advantage as it should.

TIP: to solve all these problems have a simple solution, again extended by two days post-war event! if this is not possible, then it would be enough to announce events with more advance!

Please, I already sent other media before about it, you guys say they will analyze but do not give me a concrete return. I’m sure if the issues were revised ALL PLAYERS would be much more satisfied with the game.

(I used google translator, there may be English errors)