Event: Time for a Feast!

Hello Community,


Don’t you think just eating bread is boring?

Think of your poor units who have to eat bread to fight for you, and be creative!


The event:

Answer the following question:

How do your units eat their bread?



  • 300 gems for the most realistic entry, picked by Cm Aether
  • 300 gems for the funniest entry, picked by CM Jack
  • 300 gems for one random entry


  • You can take part by answering the question in this topic
  • One answer per person
  • Deadline is Friday 9th October at 4pm (German time)
  • Don’t forget to leave your ingame name

Good luck and have fun!

Do anybody know why troops eat food with their mouth ? :slight_smile: Because they can’t eat food with their a**




my ingame name :- abhijot my post on top

How do mine units eat bread ?

Simply they stole from other castles, make sandwitch, slice in more part so everybody can eat it    :wink:

One bright sunny day when my troops were basking in the sun as all breads were finished after a tough war I overheard them from behind an Pine tree.Eventually I found that they were discussing about what they do with the bread they get from my silo.Lets hear what they said come on…


Knights  - " I use my sword as a fork to eat my bread like noodles , don’t you think i am  smart


Archers  -" O friend you are too boring I hang the bread from the tree and hit my arrow in such a great manner the bread falls in my mouth I am  talented"


Paladins  -" Sorry friends its too hard for me to eat bread as i need to change my costume before eating yes I am slow but  systematic"


Orge -“I eat a dozen of bread in one go I am really  hungry


Frosters -" U guys are too boring I make pudding using those breads and freeze it with my wand and then enjoy eating it I am  cool"


Gargoyle  -“Whenever i try to eat bread my bomb blasts and destroys it then die therefore I look like malnutrition I am lightweight and  fast


Cannon -“I use to make a ball of  breads and throw it on my friend cannon who also does the same thing to feed me I believe in  teamwork


Pyromancer - “I take the bread make a toast of it with my fire don’t you think I am  hot


Mummy -“I use to leave the bread in open air till there is some bacteria and fungal growth then I eat it therefore I get non veg in an veg item though it needs time I am really a good  Investor


Arbalaster -“at first I tried to copy my friend archer but I am not so skilled so I use to make a wreath of bread with my needle like arrow and then wear it and i eat it whenever I feel like I am  thoughtful


Werewolf -When I see food I cannot control myself I terribly howl and with great agility take more than a dozen bread within a blink of an eye I am really  agile"


Mortar -“I don’t want to share my bread with anyone therefore before someone thinks to borrow food from me I make my bread poisonous as poison doesn’t affect me yes I am a bit  selfish


 OMG I never knew that my troops were so creative in the way they eat the breads. Dont you think friends they are just awesome??


In game name-:Subhra Jeet

Units consume food to travel from one base to Another base.Thats why you don’t food while testing your base.


(Assuming your alliance people and friends stay in same island. So they dont need to travel much  :grinning:

My units are not eating bread anymore, they die anyway in the next fight. So they sell it in the taverns to earn even more gold. :slight_smile:

ign: The1Mo

Well , this was one of the greatest mystery which was solved by me a few minutes ago!!

Have you noticed that whenever we collect food from farms it flies and goes to the sillo?

How can normal royal revolt 2 bread defy the universal Law of gravitation ? It was impossible!! So I thought of solving the mystery!

I ordered my one of the fav units - Elite ogre to stun down one piece of bread which goes up when I collect it. He did it and what did I find?

They were being carried by none other than flying gargoyles! Those gargoyles were carrying bread instead of bomb!

Then I called all the gargoyles together in troops academy to give reason for carrying bread To the sillo.

They said - Since you never use us for attacks, we have decided to help our troops in recieving bread, so whenever you collect food , we drop our bombs in troop academy ( That’s why the strange sound comes when we collect food!)and take the breads to the sillo. Then we supply the units food by dropping food over them instead of bombs,and they eat it with thier mouths , so please let us continue our work.

I said- Obviously you can!

Mystery solved!!

Ign- Zohaib The King

In the kingdom the only animal they have is chicken, so they eat it like chicken sandwitch or egg sandwicth.

But still i dont know how my troops eat more when my king leveled up maybe when king leveled up,my king become more generous to his troops


Ign : wiltotan

you know what?


My units would take steal food from the units in the castle guard that are waiting for attackers and they will be healthy and it would make more units go out so since the opponent is hungry, they can’t fight so we would have an easy time raiding. Plus, the chickens around the silo would feed my units and sometimes, mortars shoot chicken at them!  When we win, we ate all of the food that we’ve got and celebrate! Sometimes when we haven’t got enough food, we watch videos and steal gems from other games to by food, hehe…  :wink:

A Feast Fit for a King

By IGN: Adjudicator



This is a story of how King Adju fed his people.


“Troops, gather around! We need to discuss the most important matter in our Kingdom ever if we are going to get more of those precious gems from the great Giver in the Sky,” King Adju commanded.


“Yes sir!” they all stoutly replied.


“We are going to discuss… ‘How we eat our bread and food’!” King Adju said, to murmurs from around the room. “You, sir Knight, how do you and your fellow knights eat your bread and food? Fork and knife?”


The Knight clasped his hands, sunk his eyes to think a moment, then boldly replied, “Well, with all due respect, Your Highness, we eat our bread… blazing fast!” The knights burst into hearty laughter with guffaws and bellows. Many knights clanked their beer steins with each other to the chagrin of King Adju.


King Adju tipped his head down in frustration for moment, composed himself, and cleared his throat. He then commanded, “ Silence!" The whole room stilled. He corrected himself, saying, “That’s not what I meant! How do you eat your food! Explain the how! Plates, spoons, bowls! Tell me how!”


King Adju turned to his archers and asked the same question, “How do you archers eat your bread and food?”


The archers looked at each other with sly eyes, and they replied, “Well, if the food is really cold while we’re eating it and chills us to the bone, we quiver!” The horde of archers snickered and chortled and laughed under their breath, mischief filling their eyes.


“ENOUGH!!!” snarled King Adju. The whole room stilled. He continued, “I need to know how, not what happens while you’re eating, but how you eat!”


“Paladins!” King Adju commanded. “Answer me seriously, or else! How do you eat your food! No funny business!”


The paladins, cool and collected, conferred briefly with each other then offered their response: “Sir, we don’t eat much. We drink a lot until we’re hammered! Sorry for being so… blunt.” They then burst into a howling cacophony of laughter, leaning forward and slamming their hands and hammers on the Round Table in the joy of their self-satisfaction.


“Ugh,” replied King Adju. The laughter subsided. “I don’t care what you drink, I need to know how you eat!”


He turned to his band of ogres, muttering under his breath, “These dim-witted creatures surely cannot reply crudely.” Then he said, “Ogres, how do you eat your food?”


“Master,” the ogres respectfully said, “We are animals… party animals, that is! We only eat when we go out clubbing!” All the ogres snickered and sent booming high fives through the air. A few pointed at their clubs, saying in a mocking way, “Get it? Clubs? Clubbing? The partying thing at bars and clubs? Bwahahahahah!”


Increasingly irate, King Adju summoned a Hammerstrike at the reveling ogres to quiet them, knocking them out immediately. The whole room stood in shocked silence.


“If anyone else dare say something to mock me, I will firestorm you all to a crisp!” shouted King Adju. He turned to his pack of Werewolves, glaring at them briefly. He said to the Werewolf Captain, “Carefully answer my question. Say nothing but how—HOW—you eat your food. I don’t want to hear a peep out of you! Not a sound, until you can answer my question!”


The werewolves looked at each other, silent as a bug. A few shrugged, then they all bowed and approached the king. The Werewolf Captain, decorated with medals of valor, separated himself from the pack, drew nearer to the king, and kissed the king’s ring in respect for having approached the throne. The whole room watched, realizing that the wolves had no joke and were about to sever the long litany of puns and snide replies. The knights and archers and paladins all leaned forward in eager anticipation for the wolf’s reply. Following the ring kiss the Werewolf Captain stood up straight, stared King Adju in the eye, and said softly, “Like this…”


And in one fluid motion, he lurched over, spread his arms out, howled sharply , then stunningly devoured King Adju whole in one swallow! The King was gone in an instant! Gasps filled the room. The Werewolf Captain licked his lips and wiped them clean using a piece of King Adju’s cape that dangled out of his mouth—and swallowed it, too.


He let out a little burp then turned around and walked out of the chambers. He looked back as he reached the door and said, “In one bite. That’s howl we do it.”


Everyone in attendance died a little after hearing that pun.


And that is the story of how King Adju fed his people.

+Knights need to put down their shield/sword or both so they can use their hand to pick the bread up , put it in their mouth , take a bite , chew it and them swallow it .

+Archers/Arblaster they can keep their beloved bow/arbalest in one hand and use the other one to do the same thing as the knights.

+Frosters/Pyromancer they need to remove the thing cover their mouth frist and then do it like the Archers.

+Gargoyle , he can use his hand or just his mouth to eat since he is so small.

+Ogre , he will grab a bunch of bread and swallow it all.

+Cannon/Mortar , do they even eat ?

+Were wolf i think he will eat like a dog and he would prefer meat .

+Paladins , put down the shield ,hammer + the thing cover their mouth and then eat like the knights .

+Mummys will eat like the knights but they will do it slowly .

I press the sent button too soon by mistake , please remove the previous cmt . This is my only answer .

IGN : Soilwk

Each time we raid a base at 100% we have a party in my kingdom, taverns give many drinks and farms give much bread to everyone, there’s a kind of ritual for when my units prepare to eat bread, it’s all about teamwork, I studied it carefully and here it goes:


First, knights cut bread in many pieces with their swords and then throw them into the air, then archers get prepared and shoot one arrow to each piece, with their accuracy they ensure that those pieces of bread will fall where the paladins are, these last ones use their hammers to hit the pieces in such a careful way that the archers’ arrows separate completely from the bread, the pieces are hit very strongly so they go into the air again but at high speed and go way higher than before, here’s where frosters appear and use their powers to freeze the pieces in the middle of the air to stop them from going even farther, so the pieces fall down and arblasters have only a few seconds to destroy every single piece of ice that’s remaining in the bread with their incredible agility and accuracy, their arrows don’t even touch the bread so they don’t get stuck in the bread like before! Now the cannons gather every piece of clean bread to don’t let them touch the floor, then the cannons aim where mortars are, pyromancers use their powers to turn cannons on and so they shoot, mortars receive all the groups of pieces of bread and finally they shoot the bread into the air one final time to make it rain in a graceful way and everyone gets the food.


It seems easier to just give the bread to people, but I proved that bread tastes so much better when is passes through this ritual, I asked my units why they do it, they supported the deliciousness idea and also they answered: “Well, it’s kinda fun”.


P.S: They sterilize and cleanse their weapons before doing that, we are always healthy :slight_smile:

P.S.2: Monsters? My monsters are too lazy, they just eat haha


IGN: Krman

Whoa whoa slow down there. My units eating my bread? You must be crazy! When I spawn those units, always I spawn them full. I mean, otherwise if I were to use a knight spam my battle would cost, like, 400 bread loaves, since I had so many knights out on the battlefield, er, battlepath. Eating my bread is the only reason I regenerate health during a raid without using a health spell. Unfortunately, you can only eat bread so fast, and that is why I die. It is also why I cannot regenerate health when frosted - my hand does not move fast enough to my mouth or my jaws chew fast enough for me to actually eat my bread. Of course, the older you get, the bigger your appetite. Right now I eat about 160 loaves in a given battle. Man I wish I were younger.

Oh, and how do I eat it? With my left hand, since my right hand is busy with my shiny little frogsticker, er, sword. My pa told me I was special becuase I am left-handed - I can regenerate health faster than the average king because I can fight with one hand and simultaneously eat with the other! My pa was also left-handed, but the castle was out of bread during his bout with pneumonia while I was off studying magic at bogsmarts, and that is why he couldn’t regenerate enough health afterwards. Very sad.

Ign: Smiles! :slight_smile:

B lended with love,

R ibbon sandwiches with fluffy scones,

E legantly held aloft,

A single slice of bread,

D aintily nibbled as a delightful high tea.


That, my dear CMs, is the tightly held secret of how my band of Amazonian warrior units eat their bread.  We fight hard, but at the downing of the sun, we transform back into demure young ladies. 


p/s.  If you tell anyone this secret, they will have your heads on a skewer. 



IGN: Booboo1234

In reality it depends.

As we all know they are eating a french baguette, the moment of the day is really important.

For breakfast, just before the war, bread is with butter and jam.

For lunch they don’t have the choice, it’s with ham and emmental (yes it’s a cheese), still a baguette, prepared by they mumy. The best sandwich in the world where in a battle field.

For dinner, the baguette is used with everything. It could be “une raclette” (a french speciality during winter), “un boeuf bourguignon” ( sorry another speciality based on beef, bread is used for the sauce) and sure with the cheese at the end (roquefort, chevre, camembert,…use google to translate it will maybe work).

I can assure you they are now ready to go war again.

Ign: krupss

Knights cuts the bread

Well…my units are a bit joyfull and have a great taste of sandwichs:-

My units take 2 slices of bread and cover them with cheese(mainly cheddar)and grilled steak and and some butter coated chicken and lettuce and barbeque sauce and some English mustard and ketchup and they make 200 sandwiches…and when its ready,they say:“come on meal’s ready"and after eating"lets go and do some spicy BATTLE”

IGN-Cpt Anjishnu

My units eat their food very quiet and well behaved because Granny gave them good education

Knights archer With milk

Pyromancer eat fully toasted bread

Froster eat with ice cream


MUmmy eat dry bread

Wolf eat breads by hanging them from his claws

Ign phantom lord 4

My units are not eating their bread anymore, they are in hunger strike because of the Hero-Scream nerf. They are starving now, and it makes them so weak they can’t help me invade Castles like they used to.

They are quickly defeated even when I give them a special Shield to battle. I think that Shield is damaged tho, but not sure, it went to maintenance and it was returned that way, with no info about any change.


Please fix it, they are starting to look terribly sick already!