Event: Where did Jack go?

Hello community!


Since a few weeks now, we lost track of Jack…

Where did he go?!


The first player who makes Jack react to his answer will get 500 gems!



  • No time limit
  • One answer per player
  • Only the first post of each player will be considered
  • Don’t forget to leave your ingame name!


Have fun and be creative!

to travel  :wink:

He got so addicted to RR2 that he has played this game 24/7 for the past weeks, raided continously, bought lots of gems and bread, gained 70 levels and was so busy he had no time to react at the forums (or have a private life).

Love Seeking partner or marriage ? :wink:


Ign ; wiltotan

Jack has a special ability to sleep with his eyes open. And i suspect he is deep sleeping at his office desk without working :grinning:

I’m sorry i new so i know don’t know who is jack can i join this event ???  My name is : soilwk 

…Jack…rr2…big danger…help us…last hope!!!..

ign: The1Mo

he went to welcome refugees ign: vipandvip

In my opinion he is no more online because he has lot of work to do aside forum things… simple  :slight_smile:

IGN: oPelle

He went on a journey to catch the Frost dragons… But he’ll better be back soon as those frost dragons will be needed for next war boost…

IGN: Gengis me

He is the terminator and now he is out to capture all humans and transform them into…robot flaregames developers so flare(which are all terminators) doesn’t have to do the work and to distract us the players so he can buy enough time(the money is from players wallets, get it :grinning:

The end

Jack ur stupid you filthy metal bucket reply to my comment or this one to see if your smart enough to do such a thing…go ahead jack…prove that I’m wrong :slight_smile:

Or are you a/about to be father, or are you getting married, come on man your one out of 2 of our community managers and we cant survive with just one(we r stuck with aether sadly) and as a community manager you are supposed to answer questions asked(and I’m the only one that asked so reply!) Or press the button on your chest that says a voicemail that says: “I’m sorry I can’t work right now, I’m busy…”

Thinking of new ways to return to the forum…probably while we are here building up the hype for his grand return… :slight_smile:

Ign: Mortal X

How are we building up the hype exactly?

JACK is in MARS right now… :slight_smile:

Zoe if he’s in mars he’d be 100% dead, you hear me…dead!

He got eaten by dragons )’: That’s why dragons only give 3 attacks. Jack’s Sonic Blast recharges by then! >=D

Hey :slight_smile:


Please keep in mind, only one answer per person :grinning:

Come on… Who gave those magic beans to Jack…? It’s not like there wasn’t any admonitory stories about the possible bad outcome of such gift…

New reports have arrived stating that Jack the Pyro has been spotted lurking through Western Europe, and beleaguered residents across multiple countries have been thrown into panic. A trail of destruction has authorities on high alert in multiple nations.


My IGN:Subhra Jeet