Event: Who is your favourite Hero? Make him/her shining!

Hello everyone,

As quite a few of you started their journey a few weeks, or even months ago, you have been given the opportunity to lead different heroes in battle.

Which one do you prefer? Which one is the most epic to you?

Share with us one screenshot of your favourite hero looking amazing in battle!


  • One entry per player
  • Upload the screenshot directly on the forums, or on an external website such as imgur.com
  • Deadline is Sunday 14th August at 23:59 (UTC+2)
  • Do not forget to add your in-game name


  • x5 Most epic screenshot: 750 gems
  • x2 Random entry: 250 gems

Good luck!

I prefer Ariadne. My in-game name is NymArkanheld.

Hades is best! and even better after eating some cows.  in game name is  IHAVECRABZ


all heroes are powerful but Helen of Troy is my best so far, gaining victory everytime she is in a battle

In game name: Zeus - King of Gods




IGN: Detri

Prometheus for the win! Literally shining (flame on) lol ?

IGN: Cyanerd

I prefer Hercules because he can instantly wipe out a wave full of archers or spearmen thanks to his power. It’s so epic 

(I’m sorry for the black dots on my screenshot, it’s a bug. My Samsung Galaxy S5 has some difficulties to correctly display some textures.)

IGN: Aitherios



Cadmus is my favorite character in game name: obi one http://imgur.com/y3rYuJk

Odysseus is by far the closest hero to God of War and Destruction ~ Ares. His attire and the way he carries himself makes him my favorite. 

In game name ~ Therazane.

Also, it is really hard to capture a good screenshot while fighting. 


My favorite hero is Perseus.
He just stays home and safe while his troops are going for battle.

That’s my vision of a true hero.

IGN AwesomeDoud

Clearly Perseus is the most heroic of heroes. Anyone who can literally stare down a charging minotaur is no pushover.


In game name: Oathseeker

IGN: KillBush

That is my Cadmus!

Achilles gets so much better so quickly. Having a charging Minotaur on your side doesn’t hurt either. Player name Lord Baron Harkonnen. 



My beautiful Helen and her army of bodyguards. :wink:

IGN: DrizztRay


My favorite is Cadmus: he can generate a massive wave of Medusas, plus trebuchets, archers and warriors to wipe out any foe or defense. My ingame name is Orfeous.

Athena!! IGN CrAzYCMM

image-2016-08-13 (3).jpg

Ariadne is good for porting in support

ign upyabum

Ariadne is my best hero which lure the troops beside hero and kill the bases easily ign:doomlord of india

IGN: DustStorm

Even She got nerfed as hell enemy units are still celebrating her victory :))