Event:Win some gems......

Guys I have just bought 1500 gems and I just won the platinum league(1st position)…

I still have 800 gems left so I will be holding a contest.

All you have to do is to post your IGN with your lucky number(1-100)…


“IGN-player1 lucky number-37”

The winner will be chosen by his number,and it will be set by “random.org”.

There will be only ONE winner.

I will give you gems by raiding your base and using scrolls,don’t worry I will not take any cups.

The winner will get 300gems.


•Each player will post only one time.

•No lucky number will be posted 2 times

•Deadline is 13th October.(NOTE:I have changed the deadline date[17th to 13th]due to some reasons for more info see my post in the event)

Good luck!

Ign-general red

Lucky number-89


Lucky number-77

Ign: oPelleLucky number-35

ign: emgiee1

lucky number - 14


You can take my trophies and gold :wink:

IGN: Krman

Lucky Number - 77


Question: How do you know the winner will get 300 gems? In RR2 you get 1 gem for each 10 gems spent by players using scrolls in your base, and you said you only have 800 gems, that would give the winner 80 gems, you might be thinking about spending your pearls too but it’s unkown how many gems you get by each pearl that players use in your base, so it’s still not possible to know if that person will get 300 gems… By the way, each help is welcome I guess, so I hope I win… And also, I don’t mind if you end up taking my trophies  :stuck_out_tongue:

IGN: smiles! :slight_smile:

Lucky Number: 23


Thanks for your kind offer. I hope I win! :grinning:

IGN: somu240


lucky number:1


PS: You can take my trophies.

lucky number: 28

ign: The1Mo

no i haven’t left the game,i am just giving away gems coz i have some extra…

IGN - ShadowKid24

Lucky Number - 24

IGN: Aureo11235813


Lucky Number: 82


Lucky number:33

One important notice:-

I have to upgrade my alliance tower today so I have to spend my gems so the winners will be chosen tomorrow…plz sorry for the change so whoever haven’t participated in the event yet should participate and post there participation post today…

IGN: Emperor Master

Lucky number: 47

I have chosen the winner and that is “general red”…general red i will be raiding you soon and you will get the promised amount of gems in 3 days…guys dont be sad if you didnt win- I will be holding these types of events whenever i have some extra

Awesome :slight_smile: