Events - Flare why do you do this????

The events are getting shorter and also its value is decreased:

  1. Only 1 day (no longer 2 days)

  2. Max time for upgrading is now -20% (and no longer 2 days)



The definition of -20% is if the upgrade is shorter than 2days

Yes you are right - my mistake.

Looks like I am getting paranoid.


Next event is a big flare joke. I don’t see any reason to make it like that. May be it’s something new for developers, but high level troops and spells have very big upgrade time. And now for me and for big amount of other players this event useless, cause during upgrades ends two or three days later event finished. Very bad idea flare.

Doesn’t matter. It isn’t like there are infinite levels. Every unit has some max level. You gonna hit the limit soon. Good that you aren’t mad about forging with pearls yet. Soon you will be. Till then have fun.  :slight_smile: :grinning:

I’m fine with the event’s being only 1 day.  I just want more notice so that I can have free what the event is for.

im also have about 90% max spells and all max troops. And pearls are “the all for us”))) I mean not only that event. All of them not very good during one day. Or make announce earlier than two days.

Be the first one in the event. Who knows you may hit a jackpot in this event.

All I know is during the start of every event the server needs maintenance. In that short time 5-10 min, a big joke raises. So look for it, you may get maxed up all you troops & spell in no time.

Below you can see what went through in the last blacksmith event Be prepared for the right time.

Lol why did u said this, i was expecting the same but now developers might see this post and be more attentive this time.

Don’t worry developers are busy in fixing the COF crashes. They might be tossing bear cups & wandering, “Why did we design COF?” Their hair will turn grey before they fix the crashes. Anyway RR2 team doesn’t care abt all this issue. To be precise, they want us to use that loop holes. They realy allow us to take advantage in that 5-10 min. Everything is cool with them. This is their good side. You can enjoy it…

I’m limited to 10 post/day & double post screws me up.


The only bad thing about the event duration being only one day is that you can only upgrade one thing during the event depending on the level. Cause it takes two days to get done, so the event will be over already.

No it’s not. It’s just a show of one day. According to me the events have became even shorter than 24 hours. The event starts & ends within 21 hours.