Events start time?

Is there a set time as to when Events go live?

I know Boost your Offense is August 5 - 8, was wondering if the events all start at a certain time on the day it goes live?

one hour from now



As soon as the event will go live, we will announce it in the official topic: 


Everyone else has the event started for them but not for me? What’s the problem? Hate or Love?

Same for me. On android : hasn’t started, but players using Windows Phone has it :frowning: grrrrrrrrr


I have an iPhone. Let me try my account on Windows and Android.

hope there wont be too much delay for other devices to acces to this event…it would’nt be fair at all

Nope. It’s the same on all the three devices.

have you WP10 ?

@AlyseaPlease fix the issue for us.

Yes WP10. But doesn’t matter. I have the same account on 3 different devices.

Event started,try re login

i relogged in, but nothing…Meng77 are you playing on android ?

I’m on ios

Windows and Android…nothing, also with multiple relogins :frowning:

Ah! On Windows a messege appeers which announcing a server-maintanace in 8 Minutes. maybe events is starting after this…