Event's time is very short and not enough

HI @Alysea 

all events’ time had become very short and not satisfactory, one day is not enough to benefit from it,

Specially for uber event, Blacksmith event , Xp event , all of them requires at least 3 days to really benefit from them , and if FG policy is going to be one day for every event then it will be useless, most of us have jobs, family, every day chores and some of us are even studying and cannot devote themselves to this game all the time, specially if the event is for one day only.


so please change it back to 3 days per event so we can really benefit from it

PS: long event means extra money for FG as well, specially for BS/Uber events :slight_smile:  

Yes i agree…

Flare 1 day event is not worthing… We have many other works atleast needed 2-3 days per event…


We used to get events every 2 weeks was it?  We were told we’d be getting an event after a War and after a Ninja, so even if the next event is only 1 day, we’d be getting events more often.

Between War and Ninja there is really only time for a 1 day event, but between Ninja and the next War there could be a 3 day event.  



As there is an event every week now, the duration has been shortened to keep a schedule which allows a few breaks for the players.

You will be able to enjoy more events with more variety in total in a month.

no need long events

we can never understand FG logic , why ur decisions are always like third world dictators? why not take the opinions of ur players to see what could be done to make us more satisfied?

before the update we already had an event every ten days which is almost the same as now , but with more time we can really benefit from them, specially uber/BS/xp events, those three events must be more than one day for sure so we can really benefit from them.

plz reconsider ur decisions and listen to ur players

we could enjoy them a lot more if you fixed the bugs in the game…maybe someone at flare could move from scheduling department to debugging department…then you would have no increase in payroll and might double customer satisfaction

Are you able to give us notice of what the next 3-5 Events will be?  Not necessarily the specific benefits, but just the Event name.  

Giving us the order that the events will come in would also show players how quickly a favorite event will come back.  

If we have enough advance notice that we can have all of our workers free (2 weeks notice at lease please) we won’t need 3 days to try get them freed up.  

Not able to do so for now, as I don’t have the information myself for the times to come. :confused:

@Alysea next event will be blacksmith event , one day is not enough at all , and as a response to FG new policy i will not spend one gem to speed up melting,

many players were planning to buy 20 or 30 uber chests during blacksmith to melt them and really enjoy, but now it is not worth it at all.