When I played rr1 they had like events like an Easter bunny or magic events and I kind of want events like that in rr2 also, what are you’re thoughts?


Leonidas says, YES YES YES YES …

Did those events occur on a daily/weekly basis or just on special occasions like Easter, Christmas, Halloween, …?

It could be both you know ? Normal weekly events with standard prizes , special events on Easter etc. with of course a more valuable prize at stake.

I don’t really remember a lot about rr1 but I did remember some events

I think regular events is a must to Keep Long term customers. I’m just not sure if the game is developed in a direction to attract Long term customers - most probably not.

I would love to see Events as it gets boring to always wait months for the next update.

events can actually be crucial for a game like this since you have to wait for almost everything in the game so why not give us more things to do


Agree with both of you.Every online mobile game I’m playing right now have weekly events with some cool or special/rare items as prizes.Most of the time they gave premium currency of course.I think weekly event can attract players better than the Facebook gems giveaway and Rate My Base series.With the clan/alliance update coming up , surely there must be clan events too.We’ll have to wait and see how it goes.

When is box of discount start?