please consider adding weekly events

these can include prizes for players or alliances who collect the most trophies, gold, dominance, etc

building and upgrade event

raiding events


Hey Detri,

This is something we will definitely be doing! Check out the official announcements page for any upcoming events, including one which is coming very soon.


Will there be any events in the future comming? 

For example- free events and recharge events.

a) chain event - to do 2nd quest you need to do 1st quest first and so on. And of course the higher quest you are at ,the better prizes.

b)) Simple events- Do what ever quest you want or can.

  1. Conquer 10 islands =500 ambrosia

2.Succesfully defend 5x = 10 gems

3.Cast magic skills 55x= 500k gold

And etc. That would be interesting if we had extra job to do in game. I think even prizes doesnt matter as much as things to do in game :slight_smile:

Prizes could be legendary items for heroes, chests and of course materials for construction.


Please your thoughts all^^

Thanks !


Due to someone making the point that all there really is to do besides play Farmville is gain trophies… Maybe you can implement some events?

  1. King of the Hill -  For a day - few days you name an island and as long as 50% of your alliance controls that island your get an alliance boost.  if 75% you get the next level boost and if 100% you get full boost.


  1. Gold timers / amporse timers / wisdom timers -  During this 4 hour timer each one would produce double.

  2. Random monster islands - instead of attacking another player a random monster may appear on one of your islands.

  3. no timers or death hour -  at random times for 1 hour no one can lose an attack (monster islands exception) you get unlimited time and health.

  4. coop — any thing coop would be cool I could go on for hours on good coop ideas…

  5. a event where attacking increases alliance buffs by 20 mins an attack or something.


All are just ideas but main idea is … WE NEED EVENTS!


yes agree it gets pretty boring, no goals to play for!

yes, especially some alliance action would be nice. A big monster Island that could be conquered by the whole alliance, with ridiculously hard defense and maybe some extra things that make it harder, for example beyond the units that you face you face a monster/hero that uses also spells… bla bla bla…