Everlasting Winter - New Recruitment Topic

Hi everybody,
As leader of “Everlasting Winter” team, I made my comeback here to find some new players :slight_smile:
We are a bunch of highly committed players with a solid core, enjoying the game respecting each other and without competition-stress ; due to some inactivity spread into the team, we need to fill 5 open spots, and we’re looking for people to continue our growth.
The only requirements are, of course, war activity and constant donations. We will never ask for more :slight_smile:
We are an international team, chat activity is not strictly required but we prefer English-speakers (second language : Italian, I can speak Spanish as well).
Trophies number is not important, but low-level players cannot use trophies as an excuse for war inactivity, and minimum donation rate is 50k.
Inactivity due to personal situations will always be respected (private life of the members ALWAYS come first).
Boost policy : Barricade (24\7) , Cannons, Paladins and sometimes Traps (during war). By the way, Cannons will very soon be permanent, we just need to fill our empty spaces.
Team stats : 33 members \ 38 places ; gold boost 29% ; Alliance level 33.
Any interested players (even little teams who are looking for a merge) can add me too in friend list.

Just send a request, and come writing some new, winning pages in the story of Everlasting Winter team!
And remember, don’t forget to enjoy RR2, happy gaming everybody!
Faithfully yours, Moral Fracture

Jumpers are absolutely NOT welcome.