Everlasting Winter Recruitment Topic 2.0

Hi everybody, I’m the leader of the alli “Everlasting Winter”, I wrote on tris forum some months ago when I founded my team, and I managed to find some very trustworthy members.

We made some cuts in the team after the last war season, now we’re looking for new quiet and highly committed players. We only ask to our players to mind donations and (especially) war attacks. We will never be obsessed by the game, We just want to continue our growth :slight_smile:

up to now, we’re got EIGHT empty places, waiting for players to fill them (24/32). Our alliance is level 27, with a golden boost of 26%.

We are an international team, so English language is the official one. Our first objective is to reach level 40 and starting some 24/7 boosts, since now we can only afford boosts during war seasons. Any further boost strategy will be discussed on chatboard, and we’d like to involve all players in these discussion (we’re very democratic, so don’t worry  :grinning:  ) .

any interested player should have at least 2k trophies and 20k donations rate, and must mind to attack our war opponents during seasons. Just send a request, and be part of our history! If not interested, keep on playing this fantastic game :slight_smile:  goodbye!


BUMP. Still room for four members, first 24/7 boost (barricade) is coming.

Still looking for members with right commitment and loyalty :slight_smile:  room for four :slight_smile:  if any player does not fit our requirements but is likely to join our alliance in the next future, please add me on friend list in order to check your growth before entering… Group of players coming from dying/dead teams are well accepted too!