Everyone can play when Flair makes us choose "conquest or festival" at the same time.

A friend can not return to this game unless RR 2 comes back to the old stance of a mini game that can be captured in 3 minutes.

Examination, employment · busy industries · pregnancy · childbirth · child rearing · · · We have to say goodbye “my kings,queen  and friends” …It is when there is a change in life.

And the players playing with smart phones are having trouble with the conquest.

so, I write it once more because it is really important.

Please enable the leader to select “Conquest / Festival” event.

Adjust matching in the alliance wishing to conduct a conquest at entry. (Remuneration is accompanied by risk but high ) Other alliances are a festival (low compensation, high degree of freedom), Of course the alliance with few participants will be delighted.

Everybody is happy because  small alliances can play festivals during this  conquest…

You can make an alliance alone at any time.

Everyone can play event at any time in their own time.

As a way to recover a friend who will let go of the game due to the restraint time, I want you to regain free playing time for players all over the world to this game first.

If every leder can choose this, the number of users who cry in conquest will really be less.


Let’s say it clearly. This flare who made this conquest never played the conqest for eight days playing the game of paying his own money  and   his own life.

Actions are slow as turtles even if suffering and improvement are appealed to humans who have never experienced the same experience.

There may not be reforms until the dead man comes out. There are such impersonal people anywhere. There is no wonder.


Yes,Both me and you are chickens that lay the golden eggs of this flare. They are supposed to kill you without having to wait and get many golden eggs from inside.

Everyone and I should get angry poking the flare foots with the beak. This is the same for the allies who can have many friends and become winners of conquest.


After people are gone, the flares will collapse if you do not put out many gold eggs instead.


It is also good to have an ” alliance war  or a festival” too . There are many alliances of" few active menber."  There is a person who wants to play alone.

May be  …Every leader would like to choose the opportunity to Try  good  boosts and high rewards (conqest ,alliance war) or an event that can earn GOLD and good rewards in free time.(Ninja ,Festivar)

“An alliance wishing to fight by entry and An alliance  wanting to value my time”   It is a suggestion that considers all users and all alliance.

The sales of flare will not decrease. Users’ dissatisfaction is reduced.

There are many problems…

First of all, “Do you want to do? Do not want to do?” Do not force people what you dislike.   

If  it say that it is a proud event , please prepare a selection with a popular event.

People can play or not. It is their choice. Nobody has to play conquest. You can still fight random people, do upgrades, win daily tournaments and fight in dungeons.

It is a matter of plan of the alliance leader.

It is not a problem of people who can go anywhere freely and play.

Is the slave the one who leads the command with the alliance?

It is a compromise plan to the leaders.

@fundinstrongarm  Are you a leader or a general?

He / she is busy with work so I can not do conquest.
But they have to give members a chance.

Some people have to think about such things.
That is the leader.
No one can sacrifice life, work, family with games.
But members of the game alliance are important.

Even if you give an opinion that you should replace the leader, this will not be an alternative plan for them. In case

Conquests can not play… leaders or generals who are busy with work.

I am a general.

Thank you. What would you do if your life became busy?

How long time have you been Play game for One day.


If my life became busy I’d probably play less. It doesn’t mean I would rather do a festival instead of conquest. I’ve played since near the beginning. I remember well before alliances.


Oh really.   Even if it  can return RR 2 to a game that gathered mini-games from the schedule, you mean that you will not play on  busy life、

Thank you for answer. 

How about this?

On the week of the conquest, everyone in your alliance use their monthly free pro ticket and do the pro League instead. You will probably even get a team boost.


That, of course, we are playing.
The time of professional league which is not hard is the most participants.

If I choose a boost that will extend in the future from other than elite boost, I will choose from a stable pro boost first.?

But you play, of course?

As an alternative plan it is a bad idea that there is no salvation for busy leaders and even flare’s gem sales do not connect at all.


Let me clearly write my opinion and opinion on the forum clearly once.

I also know the hierarchy of alliance of RR 2, but its growth is to reduce flare sales and customers. I also know that it will be a nuisance act of other players.

Since it is a leader of the alliance, I have watched a lot of" interfering activities and mounting actions ”more than enough.

Actually speaking, if you go to real life and behavior, it will cause the worst companionship trouble.

There are several idiots of poor ideas really doing this to me in Japan 's alliance.

They are acting with so many harassment in mind. And find out my  child’s information and write it badly.
This is a bad sign that this game will be cancer.

A great player also has a big influence on the BAD future of this game if action is sneaky and ugly.

Please remember all equality and fairness here for both new players, 4 year old players, big alliance leaders and small alliance leaders.


Who is this for?

It is for the leader of a friend who sent me an email for over a year and helped each other in crisis.

If it is supposed to be able to enter another event of a short time by removing his conquest’s long restraint time in his alliance

It is a friend who knows each other’s needs, suffering, sadness, pleasure and trouble because he is leader.

He balances the reality time and the burden time of the game which he stood in front of him, he can continue the game with the leader times.

And by missing them, another alliance will fight there and it  will have a good balance with the game.

It is not important who prevails to win.
Choosing an event according to the participants and the schedule without losing all the leaders’ enthusiasm.

Is it that who  can enjoy fair competition with the best possible condition.


If you can not understand by reading this, no comment is needed.