Everyone, let's try and save RR2 from current state!

Hello guys!

I want to make a statement to Flaregames with some suggestions which could save and improve our beloved games, and I want every alliance and every player to support it! Then we all would benefit, if Flare would finally open their eyes. Please like it, share it, draw much attention to it! If there is a way to save the game from the road to hell that it took - we must take that chance! 

Well, any quick analysis of Royal Revolt 2 current state, which would be made even by braindead person would show that RR2 game is nearly dead, and it was made by the developers hands. Facts that are killing this game and must be adressed before anything else:  

  1. Bugs. Too much of them. And those bugs that does strip Flaregames from their money, are fixed almost instantly, while those that makes raiding difficult and force players to use scrolls - remains for months. Either make a PTR (Player Test Realm), or hire some qualified guys to test everything out and fix it prior to release of a new patch.  

  2. Game becomes more and more expensive, it became so expensive that even donating players are giving up on it. It was not enough that alliance cannot be leveled only by players donations from their AT (Let’s be honest, without boosts - no one would commit to the 6+ months cause, and with them it would take years to get from level 1 to 55), now we have champions and shields for alliance gold, and they cost about 23-25 millions PER WAR (cause each time you buy another shield/champion it costs previous cost + initial cost more than previous one was, and 5th one costs even more (previous cost + 2x the initial one)). So, if your alliance faces 4 wars, to fully use those things you must spend about 100 millions of alliance gold! 500 millions of alliance gold per 4 days season, if all hell breaks loose (it does not include much alliance gold per all the needed boosts)* Even with those things for real money - in every game, there must be a working way to use it for free but not as full as those who invest money are.  

  3. Flaregames rarely introduce updates. And I’m not even talking about decent ones. And their updates aren’t even thought through. For example recent one with social features. Max 30 friends or so, bugs with more applications that cancel themselves after some time, those voucher things that do not work properly (only thing that works so far it is levelings of low level players). I’m not talking about AW system that is really pointless for the most of the players in this game. They must attract players each time they enter the game, not first several wars before players realise they cannot jump over their heads and each loss would result ina win sooner or later.  

  4. Flaregames do not listen to players at all. They ignore us most of the times, ignore cheaters problem, thinking that someday they would invent another game that would make more money than improving current one. But with attitude like that - they would not get far. And I like RR2. I like atmosphere, I like graphics, core concept. They released Dawn of Steel - someone really plays that? Game is horrible. Nothing could ever make this new game popular. Hope Flare would realise their mistakes before it is too late and they would become another burned out developer which made money and gone bankrupt.

Things that could be improved without much efforts, which would make this game a real hit, even with current problems - RR2 would gather players who would play it really fast! Up to even several millions:  

  1. There must be a way of leveling an alliance without real money. People who can use them - would use them anyway, but without a proper free way, there is no interest in playing in AW, cause you always would be weaker then paying players, no matter how much you play. Simply make rewards for earning one of the prize places. It can’t be % of the gold you need for the level, cause then high alliances would drop below for an easy win (if fiefdoms are still used to match up alliances), just a strict number, different for each tier (the higheris tier, the more is a reward (for same reasons - so no one would drop down)). But the number of gold must be pretty high* Calculate it in the way that if alliance wins 1st place 50% of the time, it would get level 55 from level 1 in 5-8 months (5 in higher tiers and 8 in lower ones (medium ones, so that there would not be a huge spike in low tiers rewards, make lower tiers award % instead, to some point, so that staying there would take years to level 55). If 3 216 502 000 is an amount of gold needed to go through level 1 to level 55, make the rewards in a range from 189 millions in medium tier, or so and 292 millions in higher ones. For those alliances who are already at level 55 - they must receive different rewards, to make it worthwhile. For example - gems to everyone who was involved in the season (about 375 per person at 1st place), and also ability to start 1 upgrade to a certain buildings (those would be separated for 3 places, 1st places give access to every buildings, 2nd and 3rd only to some of them), like treasure chamber, or so, upgrade cannot be speeded up. Alliances who had level 55 prior to that, could receive unique emblems which would be no longer obtainable after this goes live. Flaregames got almost every bit of money they can get from leveling alliances. Those who are here now would level slowly over time anyway. + if Flare would announce such a change, some alliances would speed up into level 55 to get extra emblems. Those players who leveled alliances in a day or a week from level 1 to 55 - they would do it even after the change, cause they would not wait for 5 months+.  

  2. Buildings/towers/spells upgrading times are just too high. They need to be reduces by 50%. All of them. Cause right now there aren’t much players out there who could bear. This change would cause some problems with an old players. To solve them - buildings and towers must receive another models, for those who leveled them to max level prior to the patch (for example, towers with an alliance flag on them would be nice and easy to add). Different color for spells that were maxed out already (this could be kinda hard, so, add nothing and do not change upgrading times on spells, if you cannot change things for those who got them with old timers). Also, additional workers must be added to current upgrades, decreasing the time of construction by 20-30%. With lower upgrade times Flarefames would get more players = more money, more fame to the game, more players to play other FG games. Game already received almost everyone who is ready to get those high level points, people are quiting now - simply not enough people playing to make it their worthwhile. Also, to still get money, and not to be scared for the future - some buildings could require gems in addition to the gold, cause other parts of the game would become free ones, and gems could currently be aquired for free in many ways. This way - those players who spend money at the game would but gems, those who play for free would earn them before upgrading, and some players who previously did not spend money on this game would do so, cause they would like new concept.  

  3. Farms and pubs received more levels, those levels are a joke. They require too much time and gold to upgrade with no reward. Whole pubs concept must be reworked, either to give more gold, like 10 times more than now, or to gather buff for your troops. Example - pub gathers the buff for 20 hours each, when you tap on the ready one - your troops would be buffed for +5% health and damage for an hour (or another effect, such as 20% resistance to slow, or something else, every pub could give out a different one, even some damage type resistance is a nice thing). Those effects do not stack. Farms must receive more food and storage per last 4 levels, or, a huge increase at level 17, so all those levels before it would be worthwhile.  

  4. Recently added Alliance Champions and Alliance Shields buffs must be reworked. They either must have whole season duration with maybe +100-150% price to the current one (or that it would be about 80-150 millions per all of them for the whole season, otherwise it would be unfair for the players who have more wars than others), or must cost 40-50% less (nearly the same numbers per middle busy season). To clarify - each shield/champ you buy costs like previous one + initial amount of gold, but the last one in this sequence of 5 shields/champions, for some reason, costs previous cost + 2x the base amount. In current concept - people would rarely go all in on those buffs or even use one of them. In 90% cases, it would give Flaregames less money than if they would be cheap enough so that everyone could use them fully. Or just make first one work for free and 5th one to cost as 4th one currently costs. This would cause players to use one champion and shield every time, and more willingly use other champions and shields. With cheaper cost it would become mandatory as your boosts did for many alliances = earn Flare much more money, and players would be happier too. And by making those shields and champions last whole season but cost more - Flaregames also would benefit, cause players would buy them for the season, by spending just the amount needed for 2-3 wars, but sometimes they do not need those buffs even for this amount of wars.  

  5. Game needs “Report” option in the game, to report players who are always online and those who are considered as cheaters, to direct those things to the support. To simplify it - player can report another player only once. And only starting from level 60 (of the reporting player). Yes, it would be a hard work to dig through all the dirt - but still, it is worth it. This option could even be just a direct link to the support to write a ticket there, in players browser window in his device. This would increase the willingness of players to remain in this game and pay money, cause cheaters would get what they deserve more often.  

  6. Option to change names in-game with a month cooldown and cost around 2 000-3 000 gems per character and 20 000 - 40 000 gems per alliance.  

This changes are more hard to implement but would be really awesome in a long run:  

  1. Daily rewards system, gold, gems, worker once after a month of playing, after that gems instead. Some random hero items, maybe with unique looks - this would tie players into constant playing more, and they would also donate more often. The more attractive is the game - the more money it brings to the developer.  

  2. Skins for everything. All skins must worth gems. Yes - they take time to create, BUT they would be met with shouts of joy. People would buy them for their entertainment. 250 gems per some unit skin - it is more than awesome. Maybe 500 per some really detailed ones. Old player would buy every skin. New ones would buy just those that they like the most. Huge money machine that would work for both sides - BUT, if game doesn’t have enough players - it is a waste, so Flare must not think just about money, but also about players comfort.  

  3. Female character. Yes, it would increase a number of players significantly!  

  4. Proper friend invites system. Vouchers thing could work - but it must be just around 20 000 vouhers per player, only players at their tutorial could use the code their friend given to them when he invited. Just 5 those players limit per person. Making it 100 000 vouchers if every of 5 players would reach level 80. No players with vouchers could be added after 5 of them. This player could be deleted from the list - but new one that would could take his place, would only earn more vouchers if he would pass the point where previous one quitted. Could be some item that player gets when he invites 5 players to the game, and this item gathers force for their progress, being in 100 level range if 5 players would reach their level 80.  

  5. Friend system must have an option to decline base testing to a selected friend, otherwise no guy from other alliance could be befriended without any harm.  

  6. Some special events every month or so! With daily tasks, some unique rewards, maybe even some skins! With requirements that could be either fulfilled for free, but would require much time for that, or couls be skipped for gems. Could be even some gems requirements that people either earn during the week, or buy.  

  7. Some PvE missions with daily rewards, could be gems even, or pearls, for those who dare to complete those missions without scrolls!  

  8. RR2 spells need a rework. Most of them.

First of all, bug with arblaster heal preventing damage from damage over time spells must be removed completely from the game.

  1. Toxic Cloud. Either make it spawn some monsters from every enemy it kills for 5-15 seconds. Or make it debuff towers and obstacles to increase damage taken by 100% (could be lower numbers at lower levels). Every version would make it useful in some spell combos.

  2. Stun. Lower the cooldown, cause it is already pretty weak due to wolfs canceling it with their howl. Or make it an area wide, so that for the duration if wolfs steps in an area, hewould be stunned, same as everyone else.

  3. Firestorm. Need lowering the cooldown at higher levels, not increasing it.

  4. Heal. Need some numbers increase, better if it would be active 2x the time it is active now at max level (at the new max level). With some additional poison effects in defense, and increased fire ones that could be added - it could be very useful.  

  1. Some troops need to be brought back to life.
  1. Pyromancer. Either give it more levels with huge damage increase, or some elite boost with new features. Could be the boost which forces pyromancer to cast spell for 3-5 seconds which would result in the same attack as the gate throws at players (balls of fire at low health).

  2. Mortar. Either give it more levels with huge damage increase, or some elite boost with new features. Could be spawning some monsters or increase damage vulnerability of affected troops/structures, whatever is not included in the Toxic Cloud change.

  3. Paladin. Rework of the boost is needed. Add some ability like Wolfs howl - but which would increase stats and size of paladins, giving them also and AOE attack. Could be useful with proper characteristics. And some huge poison vulnerability.

  4. Gargoyle. Either give it more levels with huge damage increase, or some elite boost with new features. Could be throwing it’s bomb for a bit lower damage with an elite boost.

I agree! You guys from Flaregames should pay attention to those requests. 

Thank you Evgeny for the time and effort you took in order to create this thread. While I was reading all your ideas it almost felt like this game could be really awesome , we all know how dead it is currently and how we all need changes. I hope it will open developers’ eyes (of course if they find and read this thread because it looks like they haven’t read anything here for a while) :-) 

Then we need to try and make them read :slight_smile:

Flare I know of no one who has tried harder to understand and knows this game as well as Evgeny. If you care about your business and the players who have contributed thousands of dollars to build powerful alliances, you will seriously consider what he is saying. Your game will die without serious changes.

The funny (or rather sad) thing is, most (all?) of what RevenanT has mentioned here has already been mentioned before (some things for many months now). This all (except a very few things) isn’t even new, and thus flare should actually long be aware of it… still haven’t reacted and implemented it. 


But nonetheless, this post is definitely an impressive compilation with a focus less on problems than on possible solutions, kudos for that! 

Flare you should really pay attention to these ideas to save your game. A lot of high level players are bored, myself included, frustrated with your customer service, lack of meaningfull upgrades, new war schedule, heavy monetization to name just a few. I am not really sure where your disconnection is, maybe between marketing and engineering but obviously something is amiss. Please pay attention before it’s too late.

Thank you for putting together such thoughtful ideas to reinvigorate the game. It seems like every week more and more people are quitting out of boredom or frustration with the current state of the game. If these suggestions were to be implemented, I imagine there would be far fewer people quitting the game and maybe even some would come back from retirement. Since Evgeny took the time to make great suggestions to improve the game, it would be wonderful if Flare would provide a response on this thread so that we know that Evgeny’s voice has been heard and his suggestions are being considered.

nice compilation Revenant


Revenant has experience in game developing, so he knows what element can make a game more interesting. TBH the game is kinda dull for months, i played it mainly because I’m trying to win top bases without scroll (but pretty upset always got fxxked up by different bug in different update). Other than that not much other element is attracting me at current stage. Implementing changes from suggestion above might gv new blood to the game. 

The update they made or every update that they made rather was to make the game harder to filter out the free players with ones who pay

Thanks Evgeny for putting together this thoughtful list of solutions to many of the problems that are plaguing rr2. I remember how much fun I used to have logging in and playing rr2, but with each update it has unfortunately become less and less enjoyable. I really hope flare takes a thorough look at these thoughtful suggestions. Implementing at least a few of them would infuse some new life into this game and help bring it back from its current doldrums.

Its very nice to see posts like these asking for improvements and other player friendly stuff. Keep them coming.

Well I agree with the topic title but just giving suggestions wont get us anywhere… will a type.of.boycott work?

Well, players would keep leaving this game unless changes would be made. That means flare would get less and less money. As long as we promote this thing - give links to it everywhere we can, spam Jack the administrator in private, for the sake of it - we have chance to get those ideas to developer. There are a lot of easy solutions I’ve wrote, they would not require much efforts to implement, but would definetely increase players base and make game more interesting.

Currently, if game would be the same and was played by several millions of players - it still would be really fun. But no matter how attractive this new “invite frined to the game” feature would be - people must be kept in it. Main points against it are - too long upgrade times and too much of p2w.

All great and valid points, well done for collating them and saying what many of us feel Rev, I do worry though, what would seem the most simple of all of those suggestions, the chance to play as a female character has not been implemented, it must be one of the easiest additions flare can make to the game and is certainly one I have seen many ask for on this forum. If flare are finding that idea hard to deal with, will they be able to cope with the multitude of excellent suggestions made above? 

Fucking TRUE ! I saw a gameplay and it’s horrible, it’s the same copy of COC, change only the characters (robot)and their specific features, then is always the same broth ! They did this forum merge with for the new game Dawn of Steel and the funny thing is that most of people write about RR2 things in Dawn of Steel forum ! Nobody noticed ? Well, yes  i’ve found ! This make me think if it was really needed merge this 2 different games to get benefict from what ? Attract those 20 people more (which 18/20 people talk in the wrong section - Dawn of Steel Forum, and most of time it remains obsolete all the time for days because nobody cares of it)

Thanks revenant for everything you wrote above…flare you better listen to these requests…and implement them in next update or else royal revolt 2 will die soon…

^^ Every time I read “game is dead” I will notice later that this game is running well for years.

I like it how long upgrades need, how much they costs and how the gold-gem-pearls-structure is working.

Only few points I agree. To say that other games from Flare are very bad is not the best way to build up wishes for changing.

game is very close to dead , player tho trying hard to keep it alive and most veteran player I know stay for the social aspect which have almost nothing to do with Flaregames imo , I don’t think you know much about the game either , not more than Rev for sure


I don’t really understand all of RevenanT’s point btw but I agree with most that I understand , game need to attract more active players.Currently new players at 600 trophies sit around 200k+ ranks which is bad , that means less than 100k active players I’m sure and I would say less than 5k competitive one.Each update however only make people quit  :slightly_frowning_face:

I only see “make upgrades finish faster and taverns should spend more gold and alliance boosts/ features are too expensive” and at next point something with 2-3k gems for name edit for hero + 20k+ gems for alliance name changing. That the boosts are expensive is a good thing to make it very exclusive I think. Same with new atk- and def-option during war. If we half the duration we can build up a max out base within less days. And then cheap boosts - yeah, game finished.

To avoid bugs is important, agree. I want to know where you get your information that flare is not using some systems to test out new update.

For me this is only a big wishlist to finish this game as fast as possible for free. Seems I can refer for this to Royal Revolt (original).

I don’t wanna be the bad guy, but I think challsnges and exclusive things are very important.