EVERYONE please share the enemies info from your war.

I want us to show FlareGames where they are going wrong with the war system and its unfairness. I will skip over the part where alliances still have boosts from the last war and the strongest teams having the boosts is crazy…anyway

Standings so far…

sleeping lion (1st last season) - 88,550 skulls, ranked 70, members 47/47, 179,033 trophies!

League of Shadows (1st last season)- 78,908 skulls, ranked 83, members 46/46, 165,575 trophies

Escudo do poder (3rd last season) - 53,645 skulls, ranked 1,499, members 13/23, 25,318 trophies

Alliance I am in (2nd last season) - 30,228 skulls, ranked 855, members 22/22, 40,528 trophies

TA(Russian language)CTAH (1st last season) - 23,167 skulls, ranked 1,099, members 14/19, 32,576 trophies

Kodyác Imortall (1st last season) - 10,668 skulls, ranked 1,245, members 17/21, 29,333 trophies

The top team has more trophies than 4 teams combined and the amount of members as 3 combined! Literally, how on earth can anyone else beat the top two teams? (wont hold my breathe for an answer there) Their members can fight one fight each and win easily, we all know loser bonus wont make any difference at all.

well let me just say…the weakest team on our map was attacked on each of its 3 tiles…eliminates a loser bonus…

Fair point! We are being attacked by one so far

You forgot the main part in your list: alliances are matched by fiefdoms. So if they don’t like to change this mechanism i strongly suggest to decrease yours so you will find less harder opponents and less frustation and the benefict in the meaintime you decrease your fiefdoms (by leave attacked by others) is collect more gold to level up your alliance or collect enough gold to activate or prolong some elite boosts more during a war season.

No that’s just excuses and laziness by Flare. Obviously we have the same fiefdoms but to have that match not rank/trophies/members/alliance level/hero levels/defence levels etc etc isn’t exactly logical. So you suggest people lose on purpose losing out on magic chests just to make it MAYBE a little easier next time? Thousands do that or Flare make one or two adjustments?

Yes, this is what other alliances do, also lose on purpose to find easier alliances next time.It’s obvious that you can’t compete with 60 members so better lose some fiefdoms than winning 1 or 2 only for luckly, and find themselves in another same worst war season again. Also i’ve already suggest in another thread my opinion about what type of adjustment should or could be made, mine is pretty simple that is: matching alliances with same amount of numbers of max people the alliance can allow, so no disparity of numbers of people. In this way in every war you can have the chance to win but also lose, but without the instantly thought that since the other alliance has 15-20 members more than yours you know that you will lose immediately.

I always hope for some changes that can fix this problem, but don’t see interest on this side.


Also you should try to use the Search feature of this forum before create a thread since there are already others identical with similar problem:

We create only copies of copies useless when we could keep a thread as checkpoint for everyone.

MY ALLIANCE SHOULDN’T HAVE TO LOSE TO MAKE THE GAME FAIRER, and if there are so many people moaning/complaining then do something about it as it only shows we are right

Yes, I agree. The calculation to match enemies by the number of fiefdoms is nonsense. It has to be by defense LVL.

In my war season alliance stats are:

Ranked between 1,400 and 4,500

Number of active members range 9 to 19

Skulls earned so far range from 3,000 to 64,000

One alliance was removed from the season after round 1.

One alliance could have max 34 members but only has 10 active (not the alliance which was eliminated).

Forgot to say the alliance rank over 4k is the one which was eliminated.

Standings after 47 hours


1. VAE VICTIS - (2nd last war)  - 215,834 skulls - ranked 355 - members 28/31 - 75,478 trophies - 4(5) Territories (projected after current battles) 


2. Kingdom Emered  - (1st last war) - 175,120 skulls - ranked 310 - members 28/29 - 82,474 trophies - 4(5) Territories 


3. Drachenclan  - (2nd last war) - 300,290 skulls - ranked 346 - members 28/29 - 76,903 trophies - 3(1) Territories 


4. Tiger Fighting - (2nd last war) - 128,854 skulls - ranked 911- members 11/28 - 38293 trophies - 3(4) Territories  [note only 2 member are under 3200 rating]


5. Lega Santa - (2nd last war) - 200328 skulls - ranked 381 - members 28/30 - 73573trophies - 2(3) Territories


6. Elite of Poland - (3rd last war) - 85,285skulls - ranked 773- members 17/32 - 43417 trophies - 2(0) Territories



Sometimes luck gets involved (and nothing wrong with that); map placement, real life commitments, what enemies are close, players leaving or joining.

So some wars everything will go perfect and you gain 5 territories, but then someone else had a bad war and lost 3 territories. You both end up in the next war but you have no chance in fighting them.  

It happens, life sucks some times.  But over time the territories #'s will balance out some what.  You’ll end up at a point that your enemies will usually be about the same as you.    You’ll win some and lose some.  

There should never be an expectation that you’ll win every war.

We have an enemy that are the highest ranking out of all of us only attacking us in which we cant win anyway. This is on my windows phone account, we are ranked around 1450 and they are around 830 with a big advantage player level wise. I log on to “you’ve been attacked” normally around 4-6 people by all the higher players from the alliances. I give out alot of skulls for the weak base I have compared to someone level 83! How on earth can I defend against level 70+'s who all use the sonic blast, heal, airblaster combo at least? Its crazy I think airblasters and sonic blast are abit too powerful BUT maybe one day I can have fun beating lower ranked people easily getting loads of skulls.