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Oh, how are you? I didn’t see you there. Come in! My friend @Snajper001 and I were just sitting by the fire, sipping some warm hobo wine, and talking about Olympus Rising. Pull up a cardboard box and join us!

Yes, I would advise you to not upgrade any towers or buildings and focus on your heroes for a while. The one thing I would advise you to build that might cause you to go up levels is your units, but only the 3-4 units that you use with every single hero. Don’t worry about minotaurs or cyclopses, and probably don’t worry about hydras or sirens either. Otherwise do the odyssey on the highest skull you can reasonably do and FORGE.

As long as they’re the right 6 spells that you use all the time on your main heroes, 6 is fine. I probably only have 6 spells completely maxed out. (I just checked, I only have 5, and that includes Pheme)

You get matched with enemies on your map based on ascension level, so the only way you’re going to fight against tough enemies is if you rush your level up faster than you can forge to keep up. When I started, there was no forge, so getting good gear was 100% dependent on luck or the ability to be very versatile with what you use. It’s so much easier now with the forge and refining. If you don’t have exactly what you need you can make it.
If you didn’t level up so fast, you would be fighting weaker enemies now on your island map and in the odyssey. If you chose to be in a lower league, you would fight weaker enemies in war. These are all choices you made. You also have the choice now to freeze your level until you forge enough stuff to compete without coming to the forums to complain about how hard everything is.

That’s ok! Those old 5* titan items are some of the most valuable things in the game! I love when I can make a new item that is much better than my old titan gear, and I free up that old gear to use as forge fodder! It’s the best! So if this is what you’re doing, you’re doing it right!

That’s a total waste of resources, imo.

If that’s your plan, you are telling all of us that it is your choice to have your gameplay experience be difficult and frustrating for at least one more month, probably 2-3 months, because you are choosing to ignore advice and play the game on hard mode. If this is really your choice please wait until you’ve levelled up completely and forged new kit for all your heroes before you ask for the game to be nerfed. Please, pretty please.


that’s what I do,and thank you for the extensive answer, you see I came here from rr2 and there units, spells, defense is the basis, items are just forging to forge at the highest level of the player, it is about bonuses for armor, there is no chat, there is no Polish language and I was based on the experience of rr2, when someone asked about forging items and played for 2 years, he didn’t know everything,that’s why earlier I asked in the forum for a guide that would explain everything, recently Archi has worked hard and started to create something like that


I don’t think it’s fair to say that they are “afraid” to take a poll, just that that’s not really the best way to make decisions on major game mechanics. When they had the contest a few years ago that ultimately ended up as War Seasons (which you won, so I’m sure you remember it), they said right from the outset that they would award prizes but they might not implement all or any of the winning suggestions. Your ideas were implemented – because they lined up very closely with the directions they had already decided to take the game.

When you see polls of customers taken and changes made based on the poll results, it’s usually (always?) for cosmetic things: what color hair should this character have, what logo do you like best, etc… Critical game mechanics are, I think, best left to the professional game designers. They have access to knowledge and data the players just don’t. But our feedback is important. Does that make sense?

If something here was put to a simple up/down vote, what would you think the question should be? And how valuable do you think the results would be?

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