Everything about CONQUEST MODE!

This topic is opened for everyone who want to add some features or strategies which the developer team have not stated. How to give a good performance. What shall be the strategy. Just everything. If you know anything about the conquest event, about how to fight. There is no direct fight as wars. If you came to anything, write here.

Therr is already a pinned post above that the devs are monitoring. 

Everything. How to indulge in wars. Where are other alliances? We don’t see them. Are we alone? There is just a leaderboard showing the no of watchtowers. Can you explain?

You can see which alliances are on your map on bottom left screen icon and obviously you won’t be matched alone in any war ?

Wars will begin after completion of upgrades of watchtowers?

No, it can be declared anytime if you face enemy players in your path. Read FAQ for complete info. 

First day still no attacks, kind of boring…?

There is a lot of space between each alliance.

I don’t think there will be any fights in the first day. Wouldn’t even make sense either, since there aren’t even watchtowers yet.


Flare had tons of potential with this update and it has just flopped. Of course, we still have yet to see how the attacking part plays out, but still, I can’t help but ask myself how in the world this update took 6 months to make

You’re jumping to conclusions too soon.


So far, 10 hours in, I’m enjoying this Conquest Mode. Our alliance is very interested in this.

We’ll see how the rest of this event unfolds.

Well, I am too, interested to see the way the attacks work out, but as of right now it is really stale 

I dnt like

  1. too low step( 2 hours)

  2. too boring. Nothing happens

question, so what exactly do we do when we find a special title?

i found a ancient library, what happens now? do i have to build a watchtower next to it?


Are you sure?

or you need to make tower something near? Or definetly on the tile with library?

Either near it or on it. Just place watch tower in a way so that it comes under your territory (if you want to get +15 extra points ofc). 

Watch towers have 1 tile radius at level 1

since watchtowers have 1 radius at lvl 1 I guess its better to build them right next to the special titles so it gives you control over them asap (?)

found this on the conquest mode tutorial video:

What video? Anyone have a link?