Everything has to come to an end, sometime

Hi Everyone,   As I look back to the days when I started Us vs Them, I take the full measure of the debt of gratitude I have towards everybody that helped me build this wonderful Family.   It has been quite a ride! High performance, in any competitive environment, brings out the best in people. I was privileged to be amongst such a fine crew, many of which I now call friends. Together, we faced many opportunities, challenged many dragons… we even prevailed most of the time. Never a dull moment… The best part was the feeling that someone always had your back covered.   As I stand ready to move on, I have several fond memories and friendships that will I cherish for years.   Warmest Regards,   Knight Gallant

well i wonder who will carry on with your traveling band of mercenaries


You’re one of the nicest persons I met in this game, and you have created a great, loyal culture in Us Vs Them where great people live there. You should feel proud of this.


You have my big appreciation Knight Gallant, and I am sad to see you go. Wishing you all the best and success in whatever you do!

Sad to see you go… may I ask who will lead UvT now? 


Anyway, best wishes! :slight_smile:

Oh no… another leave…maybe this game stress too much or maybe sometimes it’s time to cut the navel between you and game, however better so if you leave for these reasons, the important is wherever we go we learn always something new: that is virtual or in real life  :slight_smile:

I’m used to say: “always good leave” and i think you are one of those.

Best of luck in real life and take care of yourself  :grinning:

I hate to see a you go…

You are such a great leader…

But Goodbye, farewell Gallant!!

And wish you well in you life… :slight_smile: