Everything too powerful, please nerf.

The topic says it all. 

Since top alliance use it, FG may not do it.

A king alone with Fritz can destroy the whole kingdom. Sorry, Ceres could not do that feat. 

The game has become too unbalanced.



Some players are capable of raiding bases like ours without troops (spells: hammer, swordrain, firestorm) and win. As support they use indeed Fritz pal. 

Some persons use a lot of spell perks and have quite well forged those stats (like hammer perks). Then they raid your base without troops, just to troll you. Just ignore that kind of raids, it’s not Fritz, but all those perks that make it look pretty easy to beat your base. I also have had such kind of raids against my base, nothing to worry. 

It’s not Fritz that makes the difference, it really is the combination of spells plus perks that make it an easy raid without troops. 

Sorry about that. Did I attack you? xD

Nope, in my case it was Dehock, he is a very good raider. Having said that, my base also isn’t fantastic 

Well, that’s me ?

Ok, good to know. For me it’s fine, it’s a game and I hope you enjoyed the raid. 

You don’t show your IGN, so I couldn’t know it was you. My first response was being surprised, but I figured out how you possibly could have done it. My compliments, you must have forged a lot of spell item perks. Was it that easy to knock down the snake towers with hammer? 


Don’t know, too long ago :wink: Usually takes two hammerstrikes to destroy a snake tower

If you don’t have a fully boosted and decently/well forged defense (meaning your defense is usually weaker than 4500 trophies) it is possible to solo raid it with several pals (Fritz, Irmgard, Kaiser, Phoebe…).

If you have a stronger base than that (like a 5000+ trophies defense) it takes a lot of skills, luck and yes, probably Fritz too.

Well this post is meant for fun against FG.

Why not reduce the Fritz pal? Isn’t the most powerful pal now?

Just because top alliance uses them… Wait till ap use it…Nerf is coming for that too.


?..You really think it’s possible to raid solo with other pals other than Fritz.  . Please try with Ceres…

Please reread what I said.

“Fritz, Irmgard, Kaiser, Phoebe”


I have a few solo raids in my youtube channel.

What is your ingame name?


ps: I’ve even seen solo raids with Bela against weaker defenses (like 4000-4500 trophies defenses).

Why not improve your defense?


beat me please

I would try, but don’t wanna lose trophies ? getting at least one crown is doable, always. Send me a friend request, so I can test as much as I want :wink:

Fritz is not OP at all, imo. I use Fritz all the time when I attack. Fritz himself deals less damage than Kaiser, and Kaiser isn’t even that good. Even the Kaiser beast is better than Frosty Fritz. Not sure why the heck you would ask for a nerf, cause all that would do is rile up the community even more!

My defense with all boosts would be in 5300 plus range…Currently no necromancer, no gargoyle, no LT boost, no Viking…To name a few…Naturally, cannot put all my income in the game.


Your defense is one of the best in the game. A legitimate +5300 defense.

Like I said in my previous post, a 4000-4500 defense is very doable solo, though.



I was doing it with fritz, kaiser, eldrak and even with arshimet… The reason is not pals. Its OP heal ring and 8-9 spell perks. Yes fritz is easier than others but without heal ring auro, noone can do it.

Another reason is that its more difficult to raid by using army thanks to trioksin tower and some other triggers like heal tower. Be sure its possible to raid top bases with eldrak and arshimet at ? by timewarping 2 times in skull gear.