This game is new and has potential but it needs to evolve. People are going to get tired of losing trophies. Especially those that spend money to play. Maxing out defenses and building trophies just means your a target and are going to lose them by people farming your trophies per retreating with the gate half beaten and repeating that process. Also, There are many of us with stout most fully maxed defenses that can still get wiped out because attackers can resurrect 7 times. Anyone smart enough will notice this and never play your game again. Lastly, boredom will set in. There is no adventure. You get this tiny map to attack whomever Flare decides to spawn. That said the future is even more predictable. You expand the map in small bits and pieces with comparable adaptations but the end game is the same. Defense is futile.

When did they change to 7 resurrections, thought it was 5!! They keep fucking up the defense. Havent died in a while in battle with Those full buffed easy defenses!! Dont we get any info anymore if something change? No wonder only earn gems and no trophies!!

I read somewhere that when people resurrect when dying on ur defence does not give u gems anymore too…