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So as a very active player in this OR game, first post but active in watching topics, I’m dying to have some improvements simply with the “idea of a defense game”. This post is strictly to encourage the entire defense part of this game. As of now my main complaint to wars, attacks, in game play, and defense towers is this, it’s simply too easy to defeat a base with the recent refining system.

  1. The power of pheme
    Pheme with 75% CD and minimal potency make this power super OP for every hero that has 3 power slots. One thing that needs to be done is reduce the time that pheme is active. Having towers only attack for 4-6 seconds between pheme being casted and lasting 9 seconds is overpowered.

  2. Towers are needed a buff
    Yes I understand many players that don’t play in TL or maybe GL that are still developing are probably finding this game to be difficult enough, and yes I agree to that most likely if you aren’t cycling perks. But for many of us (60% of TL) who do, every base is defeated 100% before the GK by easily 1:30-2minutes left. Yes oddyssey allows you to bff towers health and damage but in speaking more that they should attack faster and also a health buff. Demo being capped at 35% may have helped a bit but when a hero does 40-60k damage with 180%+ AS the towers are still useless. Introduce frostbite and stun to those towers and they may attack once in the time they are destroyed. We’ve all spoken that this game is primarily a GK defense game more than anything but this could definitely be a helpful approach to not simply having double nyx layouts or just GK focus as defense layouts are not a concern anymore. Regardless of damage buffs earned from oddyssey.

  3. New upgrades and buffs above continue
    With all that’s been said above, this has also made wars completely useless to attack anything higher than a 3 skull. Now the wars that are currently happening aren’t based on VPs but simply active players and last hour ambushes. Yes fury management and multiple battles from multiple fronts stillr requires skill but I’m simply stating that nobody can win anything higher than 2 skull and considers the island a loss as soon as they are forced to strike in certain wars like 1V1. Again, everyone is strolling through bases with perks, srocing 100% no problem and making VPs neutral. The only thing that changes is activity from alliances is whether you have more online or not. Makes the game dull having to constantly fight one 1 skull or 2 skull without any hope of a 3 skull or higher. Only idea I can think of to encourage striking high skull islands would be to make defenses harder whether the above is done or time is reduced to complete them. I’m hoping this thread encourages some brainstorming as well as some validation that these claims are validated and I’m not the only one.

We all love this game and hope it succeeds. Hopefully the developers are continuing to pursue new ideas and directions to where this game should go.

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I honestly think they should make tower bonuses that you can add to whichever tower you want
Maybe something like:
Resistant(maybe to demo/fb/stun/spells)
Extra damage
Increased range

So many options to be expanded upon. Maybe make it so you have 5 tower upgrades you can make, but only to 1 tower each. Id love to have a increased range nyx, extra damage hydra, resistant Iapetus/styx
Or a invisible hydra/Iapetus(make it so even the ring of fire/poison spit is invisible)
That would be game changing update.


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Well they could as has been said in other threads, lower the attacking hero % resistances (not GK) which might actually cause some damage to the heroes. They could limit the maximum number of deaths to 3 and make it cost more to revive.

Maybe the system could auto detect those that have super cylced perks on their attack heroes and the system minus 45 seconds off of the battle time… is also not a bad alternative to not penalise those that have no super game breaking perks.

Could add in a mortal enemy of the attacking hero to the enemy path, so for example Perseus could face an uber power hydra somewhere on the enemy path that is immune to his specific power (petrify) - or add a 30% strength gk that patrols the enemy path…anything to boost defence.

Also in wars again I’ll ask give a time bonus clearance in vps. Might help overcome anything more than a 1 or 2 skull in wars. shall I mentioned honoured war hero again…

I posted about a year+ ago an idea for a ‘new’ floor trap that behaved by slowing the enemy, could bring something like that in that is immune to demolition for example…just a thought.


John once discussed this topic on the forum Phil, I wrote back and agreed with me 100% Defense is not too weak, just refining items makes a big difference, you need to simplify and reduce refining statistics and the base will cause any problems, this also consists other factors, such as tower bonuses, barricades, but there will still be a moment in the game for old players that you can beat every base, you have to understand that at some point you become a professor in this game and there are no obstacles, unless there are technical problems or the creators of the game will play with the players’ balance, lowers one and increases power for the other. At the moment I have great balance problems, my heroes and my units are 4 times weaker than they were, everything disappears, I can’t go through my base using 4 invocations. I have already written to the bottom bracket in this case. As I wrote, the more bonuses a player will get from the Odyssey and the more good things with 3.4 slots, the weaker the bases become, it’s normal. In this way, you can destroy young players, their frustration will overwhelm, if the creators would do the bonus limits in the Odyssey according to the level of defense, then the bases would also become more difficult and the lack of limits creates no obstacles for old players, and in rrr2 old players also achieved maximum of their abilities and defeating each player in a short time, nobody has a problem with it, everyone knows that they have reached the top, tournaments and cupping are the challenge. You can always put inferior items to feel the adrenaline.

It’s not that I have a problem with having a game be easier as I improve, that is to be understood… It’s the idea that if everyone continues to play the game as intended and improving as intended that 2 items in its own could make every defense simple to defeat. As other updates and upgrades continue through advancing the game, other difficulties will have to increase as well. I’m pointing out that refining has made this game unbalanced, specifically that defense layouts are now being defeated with half the time alotted. As well as the idea of putting worse items on my heroes to make the game harder is kind of funny to keep me interested in the game…


Each player has the ability to make strong objects. I don’t think anyone should be penalized for making the most of the game.

this is how John understands you, therefore refining items can not give too much benefit for a defense attack to be balanced, differences in difficulty should also make the level of ascension of the player, there should be a big difference between 130 lvle and 140 in defense, the higher lvl has better defense and refining items should not level the differences so much, it all depends on the developers of the game as they balance the attack against the defense, only that it is complicated, they do not know who has how many slots in items, what statistics how many bonuses from the Odyssey to towers, barricades, units, it seems to me that everything is done by eye, depends on how many players what they want

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The problem is also the correct matching of opponents on the island, you can have a player who is level 145, but he plays less than a year, so there are not too good bonuses to defy your attack, and there may be a player who has been playing the game for 3 years and will have 130 lvl it will be hard for you to pass it, calculate it all, too many things affect it all and the game computer is not able to calculate the attack strength and defense strength of the player individually, the determinants should be the bonuses from Odyssey, then for old players it was harder to pass bases, old players would be fighting because they would have similar difficulty levels


I do get that which is fair enough, but for example I have a player lvl 122 or near that can beat max lvl players 100% no gems. The cycled perks has made the game so easy for anyone that makes them it almost ceases to become a game at all.
Was why I was so surprised in the first instance that FG allowed to happen.
As John says in this thread any player with 2 super perks can beat any player regardless of lvl (within reason).

The balance has been totally lost, and there needs to be some re balance to favour defence whether time knocked off the battle /extra towers/barricades/more troops in waves/new tower blessings (immune to demo!) etc etc are needed IMO.
Even something like having att speed cap to 180% would restore a lot of balance. Or stun not having an effect on towers, just troops and GK.
@CaptainMorgan would be nice if you could test some of these scenarios.


FG should make stronger towers, barricads, longer route, but shouldn’t punish players.


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This is exactly what was meant with the original post. Thanks @Philstar for clarifying. Now that months have passed and the upgrades that were done have finally been tested and proved, it seems very unbalanced. I think having another hero introduced that would only be used as a commander/general for your defense that would march down the path and help defend your base could be interesting as well. This could be another way of increasing the defense without having to change anything that is already in place. I’m sure everyone can get behind another hero release!