excess of trophies

Where all these trophies coming from?

for months its been 3000 - 3300  

now it almost at 4000?

also see all new names i never seen before in my map after update!

Through the update and the new prestige system, attacking costs less embrosia, you have higher production of embrosia and you earn more throphies with a win (5 instead of 3)

Were you get this 5 instead of 3 at… lvl 70 and all are still 3 trophies?

weird, some people have got 5 trophies per battle even when they fight someone who has lower trophies. I still only get 3 trophies all the time.

yes something is wrong one guy in alliance is lvl 53 and gets 5,  iam 64 and get 3  another guy in alliance is 70 and get 3…  in other guilds guy is 75ish and gets 5

need to know what is going on here…



Depending on the difference in trophies between you and your opponent, you will be able to win more or less trophies :grinning:

Look at those players, I guess that they were inactive for a long time as they are lv ~ 100. Now they come back due to new update to try st new. No one can defeat them except for someone else lv ~ 100. They are rarely defeated by other, then the total trophies of them and their alliances would increase pretty much.

The point is “How did those guys get lv 100 from long time ago?”. I thought the game was released just more than 2 months.

I don’t know if I would say slightly.  people up to 4200 trophies… in 2 days…   we’re max for last 4 weeks was 35.  I like how it was before… it was slow moving up but consistent.   now it’s just crazy…

spending a lot of cash!! and in my alliance they were always active, but with the farming system of lower lvls it was impossible to reach top 10!! but i want to go back were the lvl 30 are in top 10 ranking and a lvl 100 not even near top 100 that was so much fun right??

the best system was before they put any update to the game, they only needed to reduce the trophy loss if you didnt beat the gate!!

From what I remember there’s very few 100+. Andyku, xxxposiedonxxx, jttn, rimshot, garpel and maybe 2-3 others. 

im lvl 88 and I can take out most of them with no invocations 

they got to level 100 very early using $

keep at it amigo and find what works for you, there is more strategy required for taking on these players as they have almost everything maxed

This is definitelya lie!

I am lvl 61 and have at the moment 2698 trophies.
My opponents are from lvl55-64 and trophies from 2089-2472.
For a win, I will get 5 trophies. And that doesn’t change from opponent to another. ALL of them will give me 5 throphies.

As soon, as I reach the 2700 throphies, it will change to 3 trophies per win on ALL opponents.

Once I cracked 3000 cups again all my fights went from 6 cups back down to 3 cups, anyone else notice once they reach a threshold all their fights drop back to 3 cups? I’m level 75

I don’t remember what thresholds I was at but I remember most of my attacks being worth 9 for a short while, it quickly dropped down to 5 around the 3k-3.2k mark. It has stayed at 5 since

i remember the Devs saying there was a certain threshold of trophies we should be at depending on level. Maybe the increase in minimum trophies earned is to get us to that threshold and then it drops once were in range


That’s right, it downs to 3 at 2700 with lv 6x player. Hence, it should be 3k with 7x, 2k4 with 5x.

I try to drop my trophies until 500. It’s nonsense when a player lv 63 defeats player lv 48 for 40 trophies. It’s more difficult to down to 500 trophies than archiving it.