Exchange armor for gems


I’m sure I’m not the only one that keeps getting ‘weak’ armor compared to the one you have - they’re some raaaaareeeeeee exceptions -  but what I’d like to suggest is to exchange them (maybe between the alliance, or even sell it to grandma) for gems because you already can exchange them for money by selling and for pearls at the blacksmith but we (at least I do) need more gems than pearls or money.

Cheers, xxo

Gems are meant to be a special currency, one that you get through skill and/or playtime (leagues, events, etc) or through real $ payment. Or you may get them in chests rarely, if you’re lucky. Regardless if you let player sell items for gems, then more people will have more gems. That decreases the value of gems as a whole and flare won’t be able to make as much from selling them because they’d have to reduce prices. 

You don’t really need gems to play, just git gud at raiding without scrolling or reviving or do well in events and pro leagues. Win bronze and silver league as often as you can by doing a few of the toughest dungeons that you’re sure you can beat, they have high food-to-medal ratio. You can rake in quite a lot of gems that way.

If you have farm gear the dungeon food medal ratio does not work. would be better to carry out the equivalent raids to get more gold.

I assume he doesn’t have strong farn gear if he’s asking the kind of question he did. Also, there is still a food/medal ratio, it just so happens that raiding is better when you have powerful farm gear equipped.

Worst idea ever. This will kill RR2 for good. Already in bad shape with no update or nothing to keep players inside the game since many month. If we can have gems like gold this will kill RR2 in just few days. For Flare no more gems package,no more money,etc… A game without money don’t survive longer

The gems are infinite like gold and pearls and so on…

  • Dungeon over 5,000 gems or more

  • League if you win Rank 1 in each over 1,000 each 2 weeks.So close 2k per month

  • Defense. If you have a tough defense you can earn 700 gems or more each War Season. So close 1500 gems a month

  • Gems in daily rewards chest. Gems in War Season Chest, Gems in Free Chest,etc…

  • Quest give gems

  • Forum contest give gems

  • If you buy them with money you can have if you want 1 Millions gems. I don’t remember the limit 999,999 I guess

If you are new in the games keep playing. You will understand all tricks by yourself after a while