Exchange Books for Gold and vice-versa

Would be excellent if you could exchange Books for Gold and also Gold for Books. Of course at a ratio that is appropriate. 

You can do that by sending your heroes to the appropriate islands

Yes, obviously. I often have extra of a certain resource and not enough of the other for upgrades. ( Example: A upgrade that may cost 500000 gold and 2200 books; At the time I may only have 250000 gold and 13000 books. ) would be nice if I could Exchange resources. (Example: Exchange 100 books for 10000 gold and/or 10000 gold for 100 books.) 

I agree with a trading-system at all but not at the moment. The should first fix the current issues before they go for new features.

Not very needed by this game. If you ask for a trade between different resources why you dont ask for an only one resources to manage, it seems better than trade ??


Trade would be cool for Item …

I don’t think you quite understand what I’m saying. I don’t mean a trade/exchange from players. I meant a option (menu) or new building where you will exchange your own books and gold.

Just leave all your heros on the islands with the res you need the mostl…, what’s the problem? Not like you aren’t going to need the most abundant res you have later 

I want 1000 wisdom now for an upgrade but I have 500 and 3 million gold… I don’t have ambrosia for move my heroes to wisdom island… So if we have this option to transform the resources maybe we can move on faster 

use gems ?

  1. Log in

  2. Plan your battles in a way that you end up on an island with the resource you need most, or leave enough ambrosia to allow your heroes to travel there

  3. Put down your phone

  4. Go outside and do something

  5. Come back and collect resource

Oh is that how it’s done?..

i dont think that we need exchange option, and trading post. better dont add enemies on your islands who are 600 trophies lower and you get from them just 3 trophies

Ok, your idea is even worse … What do you think about “pulling” ? Too much exploits behind that.


Why not a way to recycle towers that you dont use anymore …

I think it goes without saying they solved the issue by increasing the amount of resource gained per island in last update…

I agree there should be a sell option for towers but maybe make a new theard regarding the suggestion.

Market Feature 

Hello I would like to introduce an idea.

Like the title a market function in game. The history of says itself that market was a must in those medieval times so that it means we can’t ignore that. 

So I suggest a currency processed by Admins, where players will able to change gold for ambrosia or wisdom but by doing that there will be a loss of value like 5%. So for example I will trade 500k gold for 700 ambrosia but by using that feature of market the expenses will add me as a tax another 100k gold 2 pay.


Thats a general idea. No spam keep it clean. My first thread here 

Howdy and welcome ?

I’m kind of 50/50 on this, being able to exchange gold/wisdom for ambro may cause endless attacks. This could also render prestige bonuses useless in some regards (might be a good thing lol)

If they made prestige bonuses defensive based then i would be more open to it

Exchange gold and wisdom for ambrosia won’t be that easy to do, I am talking about being an expensive option to use it that will vary from ascension to ascension plus Prestige and celestial bonus expires all time. I am 13 lvl at prestige and I find it rather expensive and hard to get it max level in 2.6 insights.

And exchanging resources for gems? Even if a LOT for very few? When some resources are full, we can do something of them.

I like this idea. Even if it’s expensive like 25% of your current cap of any one resource for 5 gems, it’s still better than just having it stop accumulating.

Example, if a player’s current max storage for gold is 5 million, then trading 1,250,000 gold would give the player 5 gems. With the percentage system you don’t have to worry about complicated formulas to compensate for ascension levels and whatnot.

You can even set a condition that trading is available only if that particular resource is completely filled, and put a limit on how many times per a 24 hour period players can exchange so it’s not abused and shouldn’t take away from your profits from gem purchases.

My thought process is that the spenders won’t stop spending because the amount of gems players get from trading is too few compared to buying packs, so they will continue to buy gems if that’s something they normally do. Only the non-spenders will now be able to get a few extra gems, and this doesn’t hurt your profits because they wouldn’t buy gems anyway. This just allows them to be a bit more competitive with the spenders, which keeps them playing, which keeps your membership numbers growing, which in turn looks good for investors/your company.

Another option, allow players to use excess resources to speed up building and research times.

Beter to sell items for gems in the market, that low level players can reach higher level faster!