Excitement around the game -> new try for the original thread "worried"


I  had to delete a thread called “worried” because it ended up being full of profanity and personal insults. However, if you still want to discuss the topic of the thread, which was how to bring excitement back to players or why you think people are stopping to play and how this could be helped, feel free to discuss below.



It’s not something big but I really enjoyed the black magic monk boost. Didn’t have this fun raiding in a long time. It’s easy to assume there needs to be a big change to make things exciting but in actuality the smallest of things can make the biggest difference.

That’s my 1 cent on the matter, take it how you will.

yes. malicious monk is the most enjoyable boost. love it.

must have posted i love it in chat 3-4 times already.

I think that it is good to prepare new goals and motivation common to all players.

Release of new dungeon  …,new monster unit new pal  ???

Please make a lot of tricks for the dungeon. RR1 has lots of such things.



Please fix wars.  Change boosts,  rotate boosts,  allow winners to choose boosts from 4 to 5 options.  Else.  Teams fight in pyro war and do nothing  in frost war,   make frost war chests better then pyro war.   Just repeating older suggestions 

Add some type of weekly quests where we can play on our own.     

Add anything that we can play within 24 hours 


im exited for new chicken and donkey pal?

ビーストを集めてみました.PNG And @ bucky brought the strongest beast