I am level 98, been playing for about 1 year now and leveling up is absolutely brutal. I have 140% exp gear and still find it insanely hard to get 30 million exp to level up, which is why most people level up only once a week or once a month for higher levels. Currently, it costs 18 thousand gems instantly level up once from level 98 to level 99. Flare realizes how much gems that is right? How much money that is too? Leveling up shouldn’t be easy, but it shouldn’t be this hard. I’d recommend providing us with a chart that tells us which buildings and units will give us the most exp at which level and give 2x exp boost every week (as well as increasing vouchers for food so we can battle more) or reduce the gems required to level up. Spending $150 CAD just to level up once is insanely absurd and is completely negates any idea or notion to spend money on leveling up.

I don’t understand why that take you 1 month to level up with 140% exp? do you fight low player with low XP? I have 190% but that reduce too much my power so I have switch one of my XP gear for my double sonic blast for 175% XP

I remember I have level up level 104,105,106 and 107 in 1 month only or less. If you do 50 battles a day at 500k XP maybe 600k its not much. You need around 60 battles or in worst case 100 battles. 1 week and you level up.

If you fight wrong player at 100k,200k XP of course will take longer or if you do only 10 battles or less in a day. If you have 170% + 200% XP during War you can level up really fast

So at level 98 should take you only 2 or 3 days maximum and not much at 30 Millions. You suppose to gain 5-10 Millions a day

sorry my video is not on my youtube channel right now. I show how to level up very fast with Full XP Gear at 170% XP and more. I don,t know when i will post this video but i will try soon

Advice to use Full XP Gear and level up in few days :

1.Try many player and try to find one who give 500k or 600k. Very hard but possible to find them. At least 400 or 450k

2.Add it on your favorite list and attack them non stop. Probably he will not like it but its the game

3.If you have maxed your Silo and Farm you should be able to obtain 3000 foods and more. So easily 30 battles a day

400k X 30 = 12 Millions XP a day 500k X 30 = 15 Millions a day 600k X 30 = 18 Millions a day

Yeah but not everyone has full xp gear. I’ve spent $200 on this game, I have 9 workers for god sake yet I can’t get any exp gear without having to spend countless gems. Also, in war I use war gear. I also have to use the best things I have just to actually 3 star someone so using xp gear in war isn’t possible for me and most other people. 

Also, bases in war aren’t going to be all monk, mummy and lightning towers. People will use skull towers and poison towers which don’t give nearly as much exp as lightning.

50 battles a day??? Every battle takes a minimum 3 minutes. That’s 150 minutes every day you’re asking me for? That’s a big NO from me and pretty much everyone else who appreciates their time. Also, 50 battles x 300k (which is the most I can get without a season 2x boost) would only give me 15000000 exp. I need 35000000 to level up once. 

It’s really difficult for lower level players to attack people who’s bases actually give decent exp. With very few exceptions, people aren’t going to just open up their base with all lightning towers and monks, they don’t want to lose gold and trophies so they make their base hard to beat and you’re asking me to use exp gear on those bases?

Also, to fight 50 battles a day, you’d need so much bread. I don’t have enough vouchers because even though I have 6 friends who give me vouchers, 4 of them have gone inactive in like a year and the other 2 give me probably less than 10 a week. There’s no way you can get that much food without spending countless gems. BTW all my farms, taverns and silo are maxed, all my spells are maxed with all spells and troops forged 20+ times. 

Where do you get 3000 food equals 30 battles? 1 battle costs 220 food. That’s under 14 battles per day. Also, you’re assuming I already have all the bread collected which after battling until I don’t have enough bread to battle with, is simply not enough. And if I use bread perks, that’s be cutting into my exp perk.

If you attack someone enough times, they’ll just change up their base if they see they lose a lot. Also, that’s a good way to get a whole clan attacking your base simultaneously.

I can’t get 400k per raid. Most I can get is 350k using insta troops. Your stats are different from mine, and no matter how many gems I spend, I won’t be able to get 190% exp boost.

Stop complain then if you find 150 minutes too much to play this game or don’t want to invest more will from you. Stop you excuse. Fine you don’t want to invest more time or don’t want to be more serious then stop complaining and continue to play like you did and level up 1 level in a month. You have choice in life

Full XP gear are not hard to be obtained. Via Uber chest in Ninja Event. 3 each Ninja Event plus daily is easy 10 Uber a month. More if you have 25% skulls boost or more. If you have the pearls is easy to change legendary in Uber to obtain XP perk,etc… I find all my XP gear in Uber via Ninja Event


Read carefully I have say if you have maxed farm and silo you can obtain 3000 and more. So 30 battles and more not 3000 = 30 battles. Go read my post again

If before you sleep you make your silo full and during the night you full your farm. Just when you wake up you do 10 battles or more (1400 X 2) if you find foods in COF. So during the day you can easily do 30 battles. I have forget you can also boost non stop your farm for more food. This game offer a lots of strategie its up to you to use them or not. You can drop a little your XP Boost and use it with Farm Perk. To drop 220 and below.

In worst case if you have no time. do 10 battles the morning and 5 battles the night. For at least 15 battles X 400 XP = in worst case 5 millions a day. 6 days and you level up

I don’t know what you do in the game depend of what you do. If you are in 4000 trophy+ or want to drop below 3000 to have easy fight. its up to you. at below 3000 or at 3500 you can fight without any boost. So use Full XP gear is really easy. During War its up to you. If you don’t want to use it during a 200% XP event its you for obtain 350% to 390% XP for 5 days. You miss a big chance to gain huge XP

  1. This is a game. I don’t base my life around this game like you seem to do. I don’t think you understand that.

  2. I said 350k is the absolute max exp I can get no matter what I do. So that “worst case scenario” is now 8 days instead of 6. That’s over a week just to level up once. That’s just absolutely insane!!! I am using ALL exp gear that I’ve saved up over a whole year from well over 200 uber chests and thousands of regular chests. How the hell is someone going to get 190% exp perks like you let alone 100%? It’s just almost impossible because you don’t just get exp perks, you have to find something suitable that has good stats, then you have to forge it until you get lucky enough to get exp perk out of the other 20 possible perks. And I’m not even going to mention how hard it is to find a consistent base that gives a lot of exp. Trust me, those bases are few. All i’m saying is that the EXP in this game is ridiculous to get. 

  3. Right now, I need 29,854,242 exp to level up, or 17428 gems. So take needed exp divided by gems, and you get 1713 exp per gem. Now lets take the amount needed to get to level 130, the max level which is 3.7 billion or 3700000000 and divide that by the number of exp per gem. You get 2159953 gems needed to completely gem yourself up to max level. That is 10.8 thousand USD or $10,800.00 just to level up to max. That is INSANE!!! I only have 270 million exp, so if I, a level 98 were to max out using cash in USD, it’d take about $9100 USD, and lets not mention that I’m not from America, I’m from Canada so that raises it to $15.12 thousand CAD.


I spent less than 10 months and half to reach level 100 (see here) and only 9 days from level 99 to level 100. My throne room is still at level 9, while my XP gear is above 152%.

Bubblesaregood, you forgot warrior package (+5 levels at 750 gems) and you should attack the bases which touch the limit of your skills (in common words, you should attack strong bases and destroy their respective gates in about 2’43’’).

I can complain and I will complain. I am a paying member of this game, and I have a voice. I don’t have to choose game or life, I can choose to complain about bad game mechanics and get royal revolt team to give us more 2x exp events and lower exp needed. Also, I never said I expected to level up once a day. I just said it shouldn’t take a month for the average person to level up because the average person needs gold, trophies or medals more than exp due to how insanely hard it is to gain a decent amount of exp. Also, why spend gems or money to level up??? Because you can. It’s a feature in this game. You can use it if you want, but it’d be a waste of your resources. I also never spent gems on leveling up besides occasional silo refills because of how insanely expensive buying a single level is. We can both agree that the amount of gems it takes to level up once is absurd at least??? I don’t know why you’re arguing with me when all I want is to make it easier to level up due to how boring it is to constantly get bad weapons in the game and always lose.

I never got the warrior package. I got the worker package though. but still, i don’t think flare will give you warrior package at super high levels and “only” 9 days to gain one level at a very low level is not okay. It only costs 30 million to level up once from level 99 to level 100, but 2 billion to level up from level 100 to 120. So good luck on your little quest and good for you that you’re happy about how much exp get can get in 9 days.

and you don’t seem to understand. all the resources,items and stuffs are in the game to allow everyone to level up very fast. today a new players can level up at level 90-100 in 1 month. Before that taking 1 year maybe 2 year if is not 3 to level up at level 100-110

I arguing with you because you don’t seem to understand all you want is already in the game : Packages,XP gear,XP event in War,Festival for extra XP,etc…what you want more? Flare give you a event of 600% XP for 3 days,1 week, 1 month?

It’s more than 36M XP from level 99 to level 100 (they are not low levels). I don’t know if it’s possible to buy warrior package more times.

It’s not in the game though. It takes a long time to do one raid, and even longer to do enough raids to level up. Leveling up from 90-100 is really difficult and I’d say would require a lot of time and effort. You just simply don’t understand that most people don’t spend hours on end playing RR2. I spend money on this game, I get a say in it unless RR2 doesn’t want my money. I do try to level up a lot. When I had x2 exp, I was leveled up twice that weekend but now that it’s gone, leveling up is now super slow and annoying.

I don’t know really what you expect from this game? Hello you play a video game. If you complain a video game demand too much time. Stop play video game. This hobby is not for you. You don’t seem to understand or make the effort to understand all you want are already in the game. Flare cannot do anything more. What you want they do exactly? up the EXP at 1 Million a raid? or when you do festival that give you for 15 crowns 100 millions? to allow you to level up at level 130 in 1 week.

You ask too much and you don’t actually realize that when we read you. Its obvious too you don’t seem to put all the effort in the game if you think this game is hard. Don’t play other video game

C’mon with free chest who give free 1 millions and raid at 250k,300k and same 800k. Festival who give easy 5 Millions a day. XP gear who give over 2 millions a day of extra XP plus all the others stuffs like War boost,Elite Boost, Special Boost and now Pro Boost. You have all in your hand to improve your kingdom and your King

I spent less time from level 95 to level 100 (about 1 month and half) than from level 90 to level 95 (almost 2 months) because I bought XP items in festivals or received XP items from ninja/war super chests. My throne room has been at level 9 for almost 7 months (I was about level 75).

You’re a tad low on the IQ pole there aren’t you pal? I never said I wanted 1 million exp per raid (Though that’d be actually really fair because you’d still need 3700 raids to get to max level) nor did I say I want to level up to level 130 in 1 week. I said it takes longer than 1 week to even level up once at a very low level compared to what higher level people have to face. How many times have we had 2x exp this year? Like twice in all of 2017??? Is once after every war season or once after every ninja season too much to ask for? The game gets stale once you can’t level up too fast. You don’t accomplish much and goals aren’t goals anymore, they just become side quests. Like hey, you got to level 100? Triple digit level? Well to get to max level you’ll need 10x more exp than what you currently have in order to reach max level.

Also, festivals are hard as hell to complete even with your best gear not to mention exp gear. And even if it did give you 100 million each time, I’d still need to do it 34 times to reach max level. How many times can you even do festival? Once a day for like 1 week? How many festivals are there? Like 1 every 2 months? So even that’d take at least 5 months if you complete all festival levels, and you’re saying that 15 crowns giving you 100 million would be the pinnacle of how royal revolt could give the users in terms of exp? No.

its obvious you don’t understand well all the mechanics of the game and what to do with everything. You focus on stupid stuffs like a level 130 need 2 billions of total and? you are the only one to focus on stupid stuffs like this. We don’t care that take 2 billion or 200 Billions of XP. You only need to focus of what you need for each level. If a level 99 demand 30 Millions you need 30 millions and not 2 Billions,etc… 

Secondly you focus on stupid stuffs like 2X exp like if you play a MMORPG online on PC. Hello wake up we are not in a MMORPG here we are in Royal Revolt 2 a Tower Defense game. There is no 2X EXP or X5 or X10 EXP. This kind of stuffs is call : XP Perk that give extra XP each battle. the only moment you can gain extra XP is during War Season at 200% or if you have XP Perk. Without that you will wait very very long to have some stuffs like 2X EXP like a MMORPG


whining whining :slight_smile:

You playing WHOLE year, and do not understand the game mechanics?

in wiki you can see XP for killing every type/level of troop/building

I’ll tell you a secret, it is not “+”, it is multiplication! :slight_smile:

(100%+170%)*200% = 5.4