Experience from the festival event

The event is really hard and challenging, but it can give you experience to fight tough bases. For example, I am level 81 and have 2600 trophies but now I can beat boosted bases from 2800-3000 trophies players lol :))

At level 81, you definitely should not be around 2600 trophies, but more in the 3k layer. Around level 70 you should be there.

But to stay on topic, yes, you practice to fight players at higher trophy ranks.

i’ve dropped my base from 4800 to 3500 throphy and now its so easy to defeat everything.

a lot of gold, a little of possibilities with the festival chests, and a problem with some of my members :

THEY BUY THE EQUIPEMENT AND THEY FIND IT IN THE CHEST THE DAY AFTER!!! Compensation please (ign of the player : ChocoSuisse)

why daily chest event is so hard for new player