experience points

Hey everyone,

just wanted to know on whhat basis is the experience points we get are decided?

good question, mukss


the REAL quesion (and its a good one) is…

do you get more ex points for a 100% win than a less than perfect raid.

Ive wondered the same thing.


I wont speculate to guess. let one of the math wizards take it.

You get XPs for every unit/building killed.

Like Ronny said , experience is gained with every unit/towers killed so when you raid higher level player you will aslo level up faster.Try this with a new level 1 account and attack , firstly level 70 king’s base and another one attack king around level one ranks.You will see the difference where you level up 2-3 times when attacking the stronger king’s base but only once or maybe none at all when attacking player around your ranks.

I don’t think the answers above are totally correct. I’ve got xp even when I trophy dump.

Maybe there’s either a base XP per raid (potentially dependent on hero level / base strength?) then?


Sure, a lvl 70 king’s base might have more troops around… though… with a lvl 1 king, the first wave of troops will wipe you out, so… :blink:

you get exp for entering raids too