Experience (xp)

Hi guys!

the community talked a lot about xp and how to quickly improve your level! I will try to do it as concisely as possible in one post with my video

1. why need to lvl up hero?!

2. how to do it well?!

Today I am with you to tell you how to get experience based on my experience :wink:

1. With the  level-up hero, we get the best characteristics of things, thus our hero becomes stronger and beat the base is much easier

2. XP-Gear

First you need help. Help is in your gear.

Start, even if you have 30% bonus xp

Remember that not all things can be won in the ninja event or buy in the pro store! For some, the xp bonus can be caught artificially by removing perks. check

the more pro-things, the more bonus we get

Spells and troops

I chose Ceres as my friend in this business! :wink:

because what it gives pro-bonus and helps with the troops. spells are obvious.

The most experience gives a base with s.mummies and monks. The more units we kill for the raid, the more experience we will get. It makes sense to finish the raid in the last seconds, after we killed the maximum number of waves.


Please discuss, correct, give advice that I forgot to say! help our younger brothers and sisters

Great topic! Thanks for sharing your knowledge.

Good job bro

Someday I will be 130 :heart:

Farmer perks can work pretty well too depending on your style and how much you like to play.

For example:

  • If I use all my XP gear (288.8%) to attack a mummy base, I get 945.623 XP using 220 bread.
  • If I add 3 Farmer perks to that XP gear (206.8%) to attack the same mummy base, I get 746.277 XP but using only 113 bread.

So, with my full Silo (1.400 bread) I can do:

  • 6 raids with full XP gear: 5.673.738 XP
  • 12 raids with XP+Farmer gear: 8.955.324 XP

Plus, as I’m doing more raids, I’m also getting more medals for my leagues

thanks for sharing my experience @Darkerion

but I think when we have a goal to earn experience, the medals are not important. especially since we attack the bases without boosts. because this does not affect the experience gained, whether the unit will be strengthened or not. 

the main thing is that the enemy has the maximum number of waves and max levels of towers and obstacles



Yeah, I’m just sharing my way to get more XP. The medals was just a little extra detail 

And like I said: it’s depending on your style

In my case, for example, I don’t really search for unboosted mummy bases, cause that’s even harder to find
I use any mummy base to farm XP, even boosted, so I still get a good amount of medals

And it’s always a good surprise when I finish farming XP and I see that I got the lead on my league because of that  :stuck_out_tongue:

Great topic @Invizzzible !