Experienced Players Using Bogus Invite's to Scam Newbies of Donations

I am a newbie (2 weeks) that was recently tricked into leaving the alliance I had originally joined that had a ranking of around 2700 for an alliance ranked around 340. Since the one I was invited to had a 36% gold bonus compared to only 30%, I thought it made sense. But almost immediately after I donated 10,000 gold, I was kicked out with the message that my level wasn’t high enough. So why did someone from the alliance invite me if there was a level requirement? And why was I accepted in the beginning? And why were there two members in the alliance with almost the identical name?

Also of note is that the alliance only had roughly 10 members or so out of a possible 18 or so.

Now consider what happens if 100 newbies a month respond to the invites and donate 10,000 gold each? I believe this was the goal. To scam as much in donation money as possible. So I’m curious if this is an ongoing problem, or something that moderators stay on top of and monitor somehow?

Do no worries. Anyway you are too weak for war fighting in alliance ranked around 250 as you are newbie.

take my advice.do not spend gems on anything except upgrading donation and in around 2 months you will have 150k donation without problem. After reaching lv 80 you will be able to join really worth alliance( with good 24/7 blessings)and you will be able to contribute in wars.

be patient.

Never ever use gems to make donation to any alliance.

Use gems to prolong celestial boosts or buy workers at discount to speed up your progress.

If you are playing game every day then in no time you will reach high level lets 80-90 Ascenion level where you can easily build a max level hall of Uranus to donate max gold to an alliance of your liking. 

in the right order :

1.Keep gems and unlock all 5th Worker with Progression Boost Pack

2.After unlock at least Hercule,Ariadne,perseus and Odysseus slots. You need it for Medusa,Minotaur,Cyclop and Hydra.

Later you will have enough time to unlock Prometheus and Cadmus slots so when you are at 15,000 dominance

3.Upgrade Alliance Uranus to at least 100k donation

4.Upgrade your decoration to up at Celestial boost level 19 to allow to have 3 heroes in War

After you do what you want with gems

Not sure what you mean by progression boost pack or how to get it.

You will get offers from time to time,usually every month atleast one offer that provides one worker and some godlike chests too.

Keep playing the game and in no time you will see the offer.